Nottinghamshire Police investigation roots out Police officers who support UKIP

Notts Police conducts internal ‘investigation’ to root out police officers who support UKIP

Posted: 30/04/2013 in Police CorruptionPoliticsUKIP
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UKIP is 'unacceptable' to left-wing Notts 'Police'

UKIP is ‘unacceptable’ to left-wing Notts ‘Police’

TAP – Is Ken Clarke getting nervous?
In the Soviet Socialist Republic of Nottinghamshire, UKIP has worried the corrupt political Establishment so deeply that the politicised ‘police’ has conducted an internal ‘investigation’ to root out cops who support UKIP.
But the purpose of the ‘inquiry’ was not to find any officers who are members of UKIP. On the contrary, it was designed to instill fear in police officers that supporting UKIP is NOT acceptable in a so-called ‘liberal democracy’.
The new Police Commissioner Paddy Tipping scrapped a narrow win last year for the Labour Party and has already committed himself to a path of ignoring police corruption.
The fact that UKIP was targeted shows the extent of the deep fear held by politicians and senior police about the rise of any political organisation they regard as a threat to their ‘right to rule’.
Did Notts MPs Ken Clarke and Anna Soubry have anything to do with the ‘search and destroy’ operation against UKIP?
The FOI Request is likely to spark outrage in UKIP, not only that its members were targeted but that they were put in the same league as the BNP.
We expect to see UKIP members and supporters bombard Notts Police with a string of complaints over this Soviet-style screening of police officers.
Why was no internal investigation conducted to determine how many coppers are members of the corrupt LibLabCon Party?
In fact, LibLabCon is the greatest threat to British democracy and its MPs have a proven track record of lying, thieving, cheating and betraying the public. But that’s acceptable to the equally corrupt political police.
It is now time for the people of Nottinghamshire to regard their police ‘service’ as a politicised gang, riddled with corruption. Notts ‘Police’ is a political organisation first and foremost and will waste resources targeting political ‘undesirables’.
Only last week, Notts Police refused to supply officers for a St George’s Day parade but its left-wing Chief Constable Chris Eyre attended a Sikh festival in the city.
Political correctness and Common Purpose is the priority at Notts Police… not to mention its failed attempt to conceal the Porngate corruption scandal.
Should Council Tax payers be funding a political police ‘service’? Particularly where Council Tax payers vote for UKIP

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