More clues from the Woolwich photoshop job

Questions about the Woolwich Incident


I think there is some photoshop there. Look at the picture where the shoes are blacked out with the grey oval. In the background you can see cops working on someone on the ground on both sides of a peice of railing. 

Look at the next three pics and you will find the same cops working on someone on the ground yet the railing is missing.

In the fist two yet suddeny its back for the third shot. 

You can look at the gap between the officer on the right’s feet to note he is sitting in a very defined position in each of the photos. I’m not tech savvy enough to prove this but he sure seems to be identical in every photo yet the railing and a white stripe on the curb seem to disappear and reappear in subsequent pics

Then notice the double red line and see how in the overhead pics there is no white curb stripe….just the double red line. On the pics above you can clearly see the curb paint start where the railing should be. There are no pics with both railing and white curb paint. The pics either show the railing or show the white stripe where the railing should be. 

The railing was removed and a white stripe added that ran to the end of the street. Not sure what all this means but its clear even to someone who has no training in this that this was photoshopped.

PLUS – Video contrasting the mainstream media clip of Michael ‘blood hands’ Adebolajo and the original version showing no blood on the hands.

London’s Turn for PsyOps

In case there were any doubt that psyOps of a large scale are planned on a global scale, we now present the London Woolwich “Terror” Attack.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    re the londons turn video-what a pile of shit. two different exposures from a camera phone being shown.look at the deep red on the lorry bumper and then the washed out colour on the second………pathetic

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