More American babies die on the first day of life than in 68 other countries

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We support the educational efforts of Pro-Life organizations, and would like to alert them to a related problem: “retroactive abortion“; the deaths that occur following vaccination. According to a National Vital Statistics Report, more than 26,000 American babies born alive in 2009 died before their first birthday. “The United States has the highest first-day death rate in the industrialized world. An estimated 11,300 newborn babies die each year in the United States on the day they are born. This is 50 percent more first-day deaths than all other industrialized countries combined.”

Doctors often call it SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and say we don’t know what causes it and that it’s only coincidence that it occurs following vaccination. In Japan they stopped vaccinating until children were 2 years of age, and SIDS disappeared! Then a few years later, they reversed their policy and again began vaccinating infants. SIDS returned. Dr Vera Scheibner studied “cot death” extensively in the 1980s and discovered that it was caused by vaccines.

For those children and their families, it is essentially a retroactive abortion done without parental consent. And it is not only infants who are at risk. There have been 133 deaths from the HPV/Gardasil vaccine which is given to teens. Another “side effect” of Gardasil is infertility, and some are asking if the rush to vaccinate teen girls for a disease that might occur in their 60s, is really just a cover for a population-control program. GMO foods also cause infertility, and GMOs are not labeled as such, so people do not know that the food they are feeding their children could cause infertility. New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia.

In addition to the deaths from vaccination, there are millions of children who are permanently disabled and will require lifetime care following an adverse reaction to vaccination. The US government has compensated billions of dollars to families for the damage, but how can one put a price on the life of a child who will never grow to fulfill their divinely imbued potential. It is essentially a life terminated. Once you learn about the toxic ingredients that are in today’s vaccines, you’ll understand why they are causing so much harm. If you follow the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule, your child will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he/she is 6 years of age.

Another thing most people don’t know is that vaccine makers use aborted fetal tissue to culture the viruses for their vaccines. Fetal DNA has been found in the final product; the vaccines they inject into you and your children! In addition, vaccines contain chemicals which cause sterility. Once you learn the truth about vaccines, we believe that you will understand the urgency for getting this message out to parents. Most doctors and churches are not warning parents, and that is causing an untold amount of suffering.

If you are called to share a Pro-Life message, please review the MDs who are featured on this website to learn about the very real risks of vaccinations, including death. We hope you will expand your public outreach and education to include this vital information. The doctors on this website also explain why vaccines always do more harm than good; even in cases where brain damage is not immediately obvious. Vaccines do not “prevent” disease, but merely suppress the immune system so that it is not able to mount a normal immune response to kill the microorganism. But that type of response is vital to long term health of the individual, and should not be suppressed.

Permanent Disability After Gardasil HPV Vaccine (6:53)

Dr Dierdre Little: Gardasil and Premature Menopause in Girls (8:40)

Dr Sherri Tenpenny: Miscarriages After Flu Shot (9:48)

Dr Sherri Tenpenny: Gardasil Shots Not Necessary (13:06)

The following confidential case-files pertaining to the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine, Infanrix hexa™, were recently uncovered: (source: VRM)The average age of deaths among infants reported by the attending Pediatricians range from 7-weeks-old to 4-months-old. All the infants received multiple injections of Infanrix hexa™, averaging 2-3 doses. All reported deaths occurred within (2-11) days of receiving multiple vaccines, attributed to the “preferred term” Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), with subsequent autopsies found to be either “inconclusive” or showing “no obvious cause of death”.
Adverse effects compiled include the following: Cardiac arrest, Convulsion, Hypokinesia, Depressed level of consciousness, Mouth haemorrhage, Nasopharyngitis, Asphyxia, Apnoeic attack, Pallor, Oxygen saturation decreased, Heart rate decreased, Sepsis, Viral infection, Pyrexia, Loss of consciousness, Cyanosis, Metabolic disorder, Ataxia, Balance disorder, Diplopia, Strabismus, Nervous system disorder, Adverse drug reaction, Death.
Excerpts from case files:
‘Two days after vaccinations, the subject died in bed.’
‘Less than one day after vaccination, the subject experienced convulsions.’
‘Four days after vaccination with Infanrix hexa™ and Prevenar, the subject was brought to day care centre. At 12:00, the subject was nonresponsive and had blood in his mouth.’
‘…sudden infant death in a 7-week-old female four days after vaccination with unspecified doses of Rotarix and Infanrix hexa™…subject experienced suffocation during sleep.’
‘Approximately nine days post-vaccinations, the subject was found lifeless in bed in supine position covered by a cushion/pillow. An emergency physician was only able to certify death.’
‘Approximately 3 days after vaccinations in the morning the subject experienced apnoea. When the emergency care team arrived the subject was unconscious. Cardiac arrest with apnoea and asystole was diagnosed. Resuscitation was unsuccessful.’
‘Five days after vaccinations, the subject experienced ataxia, instability and diplopia (described as strabismus). The physician suspected a possible neurological alteration.’
‘Eleven days after vaccination the subject experienced death NOS. The subject experienced adverse drug reaction and was found dead in her bed after her afternoon nap. The subject had no concomitant medication and no relevant medical history.’
‘This case was reported by the German regulatory authority and described the occurrence of death in a 12-week-old male who was vaccinated with unspecified doses of Infanrix hexa™ and Prevenar on 9 January 2006. Approximately 11 days post-vaccination, the subject died.’
‘One day after vaccinations, the subject was hospitalised to a paediatric intensive care unit and reanimated, but died from unknown cause.’
‘Next morning after vaccinations, the subject was normally drinking and was put in bed. Approximately two to three hours later, the subject was found lifeless in bed in supine position.’
‘This case was reported by a physician and described the occurrence of possible SIDS in a 3-month-old male who was vaccinated with unspecified doses of Infanrix hexa™ and Prevenar on 29 December 2009. Later on in the evening, the subject was found dead under unknown circumstances in bed.’
‘…sudden infant death syndrome in a 2-month-old male who was vaccinated with unspecified doses of Infanrix hexa™, RotaTeq and Prevenar on 27 April 2010…Twelve hours after vaccination, the subject went dusky and experienced apnoea attack, reduced oxygen saturation and decreased heart rate…Three days after discharge, the subject had another episode of apnoea and could not be resuscitated. The subject died from sudden infant death syndrome 5 days after vaccination.’
‘…occurrence of cardiovascular arrest in a 3-month-old male who was vaccinated with the 2nd dose of Infanrix hexa™ and Prevenar on 29 September 2009…Approximately three days post-vaccination, subject was found unconscious and the subject’s body was blue (cyanosis). Upon arrival of an emergency physician the pupils were medium wide, no pulse could be determined and oxygen saturation could not be measured. The subject was intubated and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was started. Under ongoing resuscitation the subject was transferred to a hospital. In hospital the subject was treated with adrenaline and atropine. Echocardiography and ECG both showed no detectable heart reaction. Body temperature, taken in the ear, was 39.4 degC. Resuscitation was without success and was stopped.’

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Recently you’ve posted a few things about diet, in particular traditional diets and fermented food.

    These ideas largely originate from the work of Dr. Weston Price. He was a dentist by trade and began a very scientific study into optimal diets. His work lead him to look at ancient and traditional tribes who all had perfect teeth, great bone structures, strength and resilence, above all else little in the way of disease.

    Although they didn’t all eat exactly the same diet, there was commonalities among them all. Namely animal fats, fish, raw milk / diary and fermented foods.

    Here is a brilliant Speech by Sally Falon, head of the Weston A Price foundation.

    She also explores what happened to those communities when modern Western food was introduced. Teeth decay, disease, not developing properly.

    If you want health and longevity, along with your children growing up strong, these are the diets you must follow.

    Eating a proper diet, excluding sugar, wheat, pastrised diary and eating veg and animal fats.

    Also read through Dr. Wilson:

    The hair analysis is a great way to work out exactly where your nutrition is at, then use nutritional balancing to get yourself back to optimum health.


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