Monsanto is deliberately killing off the bees

This video documents thousands of cases where ridding the diet of GMO food has reversed some chronic diseases induced by GMO in as little as 48 hours in both humans and animals. By splicing the gene from the germ Bacillus thuringiensis into corn, scientists made a plant that secretes BT toxin which kills any insect that bites it by destroying its stomach. 

The problem is that when humans and animals eat the plant, that same BT toxin does serious harm to their stomachs. Animal studies have shown massive tumors in the first generation with stunted and sterile offspring by the third generation. Fortunately, we are not lab rats so we can say No. Please share this video. It might awaken many friends and relatives who will not listen when you talk about 911, Benghazi and the USS Liberty.

Monsanto has also introduced Roundup Ready corn that has been genetically altered to resist glyphosate herbicides which at 85,000 metric tons per year is the most commonly used one in the US. It has been speculated that Monsanto is deliberately killing off the bees so we have to go to them for crops that don’t need bees.
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  1. Julia says:

    I often wonder about the effects of things like this taking a generation or two to really manifest in a big way. People don’t relate things back that far, so they can easily be led to blame something else.
    The one I mostly worry about is breast feeding vs bottle feeding, and when did the bottle feeding start? We might get away with one generation of bottle feeding with relative small side effects that can be recovered if the next generation breast feeds. But what happens if we have successive generations of bottle feeding down the same family? Does that lead to all sorts of fertility issues, and odd sexual characteristics? What poisons are added to the bottle feed mix, and what vital things are missing? Not least of all, the touch of the mother.
    Nestlé are big players in spreading this to third world countries.
    I think this is linked to Angelina’s mastectomy story. They really want to sever the mother baby link so they can create helpless needy and easily programmable children.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The elites use geoengineering, weather modification, solar radiation management or “chemtrails” along with radiowave/microwave frequency radiation from mobile phone masts, phones, WIFI etc….just look at the studies done where a DECT phone is placed in a hive and most of the bees fail to return compared to the hive without, watch “Resonance Beings of Frequency” on Military jets are flying over dumping this chemical cocktail on a daily basis every day and night, even here in the UK. Officially this is denied as conspiracy, it is only when you look beyond the official version of the truth, join the dots together and see the bigger picture of world domination by elite groups to form “The New World Order” that you cannot deny the reality of this. Media is largely owned and controlled, so do internet searches and look at, just look at the sky and listen to the numerous military jets leaving huge white persistant contrails that spread out over the sunny blue sky to join together forming thick highly reflective cloud cover, which is so reflective if you keep looking you can often look directly at the sun with just your eyes with no protection, this is why it is now May and the weather is cold and overcast. This chemical cocktail has been found to contain aluminium oxide, strontium, barium, viruses, mercury, ethylene dibromide and more, it damages all life including insects and the microscopic life in the soil so that plants cannot grow. Monsanto are producing aluminium resistant seeds and self pollinating plants, this is all part of controlling the food supply, the weather (hurricanes, earthquakes, weird weather events etc…with HAARP using these conductive particles), population reduction and world domination, it’s written on the Georgia Guidestones. Watch “What in the world are they spraying” and “Why in the world are they spraying” on YouTube. I wish I was wrong, mistaken, but I am not and we are facing this together, I mean who ever thought that one day there would be no bees, bats, insects or anything natural.

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