Missing children fraud

Unfair trade Barbeques…
I saw a cheap disposable fairly traded barbecue in my local shop yesterday. The Fair Trade blurb had a photo of a happy woman with her baby. They are apparently really lucky, because they have got one of the 15 newly built houses on some sort of third world housing estate. More houses are planned!  It’s really good for them, because they need to be close to where they work, living in the bush is no good is it?  They are really lucky because they have a job kindly donated by some benevolent fair trade company over there where they make the charcoal. Happy happy happy. And they are lucky to have the job, so that they can pay for their house that they are so lucky to have, also kindly built by the benevolent fair trade company to help them. This is the early stages of the land grab process. 200 years down the line they will be as happy as us. (Seehttp://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/unfair-trade/)

Missing children fraud…
It seems that there is a scam going on by which children that are not missing are put up on missing kids websites (which I have exposed as a thin disguise for the international paedophile network). These organisations will not take down the ads for such children even when it is clear they are not missing. I am now wondering if the ads on the website are deliberately targeting certain kids, and if kids are stolen to order. The kid is selected by a paedophile searching the database. And then a “sighting” is made of the child, at which point the law enforcement agency heroically swoop and rescue the child and hand it over to the “charity” aka the paedophile ring. I don’t know why certain children are selected for the database. (Seehttp://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/centre-for-exploiting-missing-children/)

Get in Lane…
This is what we’re ordered to do on the motorway. Get in Line is what you have to do in a post office to wait your turn in a queue. Lane is a sort of place filter, to filter us to different place slots, and line is a sort of time filter to filter us to different time slots. We are totally conditioned to the idea of time being in a line, and indeed being one way. That’s why TimeLine seems like an ok thing to say, and is something rigorously taught in schools. (and on Facebook). Watch out for PlaceLane as a new construct to narrow down our idea of place. 

Certain places and people are called “iconic”, like Cleveland House which is a really plain building, but mysteriously straddles the canal. Does iconic mean you can click on them like an icon and go somewhere else? 

Infants are in a state of alpha consciousness, which either naturally disappears as they get older, or is drummed out of them by education and parenting. In phantom state perhaps? Able to see things we can’t see. 

Valuable data…
A friend of mine wanted to buy some white goods from Comet a while back. She had cash to pay, and her own car to take it away in. No need for delivery. In theory, just a straight swap, money for goods. But no, they would not sell it to her without some data details. Name, address, postcode. Postcodes are dividing us into zones, not physically, but invisibly. Collecting data of people and linking it to postcodes is very valuable. 

Timetables are being hidden…
I am increasingly frustrated by the lack of public timetables for buses and trains. You can’t just look at a timetable any more. You have to first enter your data. You have to say where you are travelling from and to, and what day and what time. Then they give you back a narrow selection of information to match your request. If you then change your plans, or you want more than one option, you have to make further tedious requests. Or suppose you want to know where the train stops? Not allowed, only places A and B are to be revealed to you. All else will be invisible, taken care of behind the scenes. Meanwhile they get a rough idea of everyone’s future travel plans. Another valuable data collection trick? Or a way to change how we see time and place? Quite often I enter the wrong date to mess up the system. 

Go Forth and Multiply…
Th Church seems to read this literally as meaning breeding, and encourage greater numbers. I see it as being the opposite of divide. Instead of being divided and conquered, go out into the world and come together. Oppose the divisions that are being put in place between us all. 

The Elf Cross…
This is a pentagram. And was apparently designed to protect against malevolent elves. I am getting quite interested in elves. Apparently they can be either helping or hindering to humans. Twelve is twin elves, and elven means half-breed elf. Very clock like. Half past eleven takes on a new meaning. The pentagram neatly divides the clock into groups of 12. JK Rowling wrote about house elves, how selves, who are slaves to wizards and witches. Self and selves seem to be a bit elf like. 

Cricket eggs…
Cricket is played at the Oval, owned by Charles. That’s quite eggy. The whole game is timed, not by clock time, but by egg cycles, overs, or ovas. 

Cricket deaths…
The Lords Cricket Ground has a weather vane of the Grim Reaper taking the bails off the stumps. This is known as Old Father Time. To add to the death theme, cricketers play to win the Ashes, an urn of ashes. It sounds to me like it’s the ashes of someone, but legend has it that it’s the ashes of a cricket bail, perhaps the one that the Grim Reaper removed. Maybe bail is synonomous with death. The Ashes are always kept securely in London, no matter who wins them. 

Chelsea Smiles and Gnomes…
Why is the Chelsea Flower show so inescapably huge? Chelsea Smile is the name of a sadistic murder rituals whereby the victim is left grinning from ear to ear. Like a clown or the Cheshire Cat, I would say. One front page lead this week of really important news showed Chelsea Gnomes. Gnome is g.nome, genome. And maybe it is also related to Gnostic, Gno, Know. Gnome, Gno.me, Know.Me or No.me

Royal Wedding Hymens…
The three hymns were Jerusalem by William Blake, and two others with a Welsh theme, both written or part written by Williams, including a William Williams. William is affectionately known as  Wills, which sounds remarkably like Wales, which is also where he is living. One of the hymns was played at Diana’s funeral, reminding us of the Diana sacrifices (marriage and death) and perhaps emphasising the new Kate sacrifice. One hymn is the Welsh Rugby Team’s anthem. Wales also sounds like Wells. I struggle to hear the difference. Wells is the Bishop HQ of the diocese that includes Glastonbury, part of the Royal couple’s hymen breaking fertility ritual at the Olympic Games. 

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  1. Chris Jones says:

    Is the libertarian school co opted as part of the Hegelian too?? Probably


  2. Anonymous says:

    As soon as you hear/read a word ending in the suffix ‘ism’ then alarm bells should ring.

    Words ending in this suffix are artificial control mechanisms devised by TPTB to control/compartmentalize people.

    – Libertarianism
    – Feminism
    – Communism
    – Socialism
    – Racism
    – Terrorism
    – Alcoholism

    ,,, the list goes on, but all are about divide and rule.

    – Regards

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