Malaria Finally Defeated

Sent in by Colin.

The worst disease of mankind, malaria, a disease that has killed more humans than all the wars of mankind, was finally defeated and the defeat was proven a fact by the Red Cross on the 16th of December, 2012. The location was Africa, in the country of Uganda, Luuka District.

The test was conducted by the International Red Cross, the Uganda Red Cross, the local health authorities, and other Uganda scientists and laboratories. Total scientific testing was maintained throughout the 4-day operation. There were doctors to sign off on the blood tests, malaria test strips to show malaria, and official microscope technicians to even verify the number of malaria parasites present in each malaria victim. The microscope technicians have officially identified malaria parasites on a daily basis. Other personnel present were nurses to help the doctors, video technicians, people to serve as observers, and various other personnel.

Klaas Proesmans, a prominent Red Cross figure and CEO of the Water Reference Center of the International Red Cross, told me that he had wondered if there might be some truth in the claim by the Genesis 2 Church that MMS (chlorine dioxide) actually killed malaria and returned health to malaria victims. He finally decided to personally finance a full scale malaria clinical trial in the jungle on actual malaria victims rather than laboratory rats.

Klaas Proesmans came to our seminar in Mexico that teaches the use of chlorine dioxide to cure diseases. He arrived here in Mexico about 2 months before the actual clinical trial of the 4 days that was from the 11th to the 16th in the month of December, 2012, in Uganda. He said to me at that time that he really didn’t think chlorine dioxide worked to cure diseases but he felt it was his job to prove it one way or the other. At the time of this clinical trial many diseases were treated, but the disease of interest was malaria. And 154 cases of malaria were given doses of MMS which, of course, was chlorine dioxide. All 154 cases were free of malaria within 24 hours of taking the dose, with only 11 cases requiring a second dose. This was all recorded on DVD and on paper with signatures of doctors and technicians. There was no chance of mistake. One hundred and fifty-four cases of malaria were made well. We have the original DVD’s, plus copies of the DVD’s, plus copies of the signatures or even actual signatures, and copies of all papers. All of this will be recorded on YouTube.
I would like to point out that Leo Koehof was invited to act as a MMS consultant and observer of the operation by Klaas and at one point where the operation reached a serious snag, Leo was able to point out their error and the operation continued on schedule. Leo has been a major player in the use of MMS for curing various diseases of Africa for more than 5 years. Leo saw that videos were made for the Genesis 2 Church of this entire malaria project and made sure that all records were kept safe during and after the project was completed.

There was some worry about possible side effects to people taking MMS, but since chlorine dioxide is used to purify water in thousands of municipal water purification stations and used for treating vegetables around the world, there are numerous tests showing the safety of ingesting chlorine dioxide. Millions of people have been ingesting chlorine dioxide for nearly a hundred years. At this time as many as 10 million people have used chlorine dioxide to overcome diseases. For the 15 years since I first began to treat people for diseases, there have been no recorded deaths or permanent damage to a single human being.

Archbishop Jim Humble  –  writing in the MMS Newsletter.  Extract only.
Founder of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing – Serving Mankind
This is a link to the “Malaria Finally Defeated” video on YouTube:

TAP – Of course The Red Cross are sitting on Jim Humble’s discovery.

He adds –

to save lives we need your help: We must get this information out to the world. If you never help ever again, this time humanity needs your help. Mankind must know about this development. This is one time that what you personally do will have a direct effect on saving lives, not theoretically, actually. It is so important that we get this information to our friends, magazines, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, web radio stations, and government officials such as Mayors and Governors, because thousands of lives depend upon it.

More than 3000 children die from malaria every day. Science has proven again and again that it can solve any problem presented to it. The idea that we need to allow our children to suffer to death because there are too many people on earth is totally repugnant, but there are people who suggest it. I know that there are medical people who would spend years testing MMS while children and adults die from malaria, but ask any one of those who are dying if they would rather die than have some minor side effect that has not yet shown up. And of course, you will find that no one wants that. So since I have already tested it for 15 years, are we going to go ahead and save those 3000 who die each day or do we spend another year testing while more than 1 million die from malaria?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Chinese netizens post:-
    ‘Anti-suicide pledges’

    21 hours ago – Millions of Chinese internet users post online pledges not to kill themselves in recent days.

    In reaction to a woman’s death seen as suspicious.

    Picture taken on 8 May 2013 shows protesters holding banners and a photo of a … Public pledges against committing suicide first surfaced in China last year …


  2. Anonymous says:

    Has “Colin” bothered to check this out with the Red Cross? Do they confirm that the “doctors” and “helpers” are actually Red Cross and not just wearing t shirts with Red Cross logos.

    I would be great if it’s true but also you have to be wary of anything that appears on YouTube.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Colin’s been following this story a long time. The involvement of the Red Cross is very recent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    But has he checked it really was the Red Cross.

    I can find nothing about it from the Red Cross. Surely if it was such a break-through they would be shouting from the top of the roof.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I disagree. The elites fear a cure for diseases like malaria. The involvement of The Red Cross would be an attempt to discredit the cure, and to ensure it doesn’t get any further. That’s why the only publicity
    for the cure is found from the inventor.

    Malaria kills millions. If they cure that, the depopulation agenda will have to find more diseases, or starve people by tampering with seeds or with climate.

  6. NPP says:

    Published 10 Jul 2013

  7. NPP says:

    Published 10 Jul 2013

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