Israel nuclear attack on Syria confirmed

May 6, 2013

I was taken offline to prevent this from being posted. I am back, for who knows how long . . . .

They destroyed 2 cell modems over this, and I am now running on backup modem 2. This is important to “them”, they did NOTHING over the boston bombing reportage, why did the following get their hackles up so bad they acted so strongly to prevent it from being posted?

The information blackout is telling, this explosion never got mentioned AT ALL in the Mexican press, which is reporting zero about ANYTHING happening in Syria right now. WHY???

Perhaps because Israel owns the world´s media, and wants silence with regard to their nuclear war crimes?

Analysis of the video from Syria proves it to be a nuclear air burst beyond all doubt.

The referenced capture is from the video linked below. If you cannot get that exact frame to pause well enough to be captured, it is because your computer is not able to handle the distraction of the pause button while playing video – pull the video into an editor to grab the frame if this happens

It is fairly easy to prove the blast was a nuclear air burst with terms anyone can understand.
Many people said the blast could not have been nuclear because the color was wrong. But a frame analysis of the exact frame that captured the initial blast proves the camera maxed out in all 3 color channels, which by itself proves the blast was nuclear. Further analysis proves the camera captured more blue than any other color. The following eyedropper sample of the explosion from an un edited frame capture proves the camera went to 255 in all 3 color channels across a majority of the frame, which is the maximum value a camera can record, or pure white.

When using levels, we once again see that the camera recorded it’s maximum in all 3 color channels across the majority of the frame, with values below 255 in all 3 color channels being represented by black, with the red channel not clipped out in some of the frame appearing as red, and red and green approaching clip out appearing as yellow in some of the frame. So what we have here is an image that is entirely clipped to full white in a majority of the frame straight out of the camera, with absolutely no image data recorded other than white. This is only possible with a nuclear weapon, you cannot just clip an image white in all 3 color channels from one edge of the frame to the other with a conventional light source.

When checking the same image with a threshold max, which will take any color channel that is maxed out and cause it to render as white we see that the blue channel was clipped out almost everywhere, with the areas the blue channel did not over ride the red and green channels represented as black. This proves that the actual color of the blast, despite appearances in the video, was blue. 

The following frame is the original grab. Play with it in a photo editor to prove I am not making this stuff up. The original video this was grabbed from is linked farther down this page

What type of bomb causes the sky to light up blue from horizon to horizon and causes Muslims to call out to God for salvation from 4 KM away?

The rest of this analysis is in progress. The supporting photo frames are being prepared, the text will be similar to what follows:

First off – to write off the possibility that it was a weapons cache exploding – this is not the case. The event was a separate bombing and this is easily proven by timing the sound of ordnance exploding in the fire in this frame, to it’s arrival at the camera. The time it takes is a little over 4 seconds, which puts it at a distance of approximately 5,000 feet. The sound of the second blast takes 11 seconds to arrive, which puts it at an approximate distance from the camera of 12,500 feet, or about a mile farther away than the first blast. So we are looking at a separate bombing, with the second blast occurring more than a mile away from the fires that are burning from a previous bombing run in the early part of the video.

A secondary method to prove this was a nuke –
Virtually all cameras with zoom capability start with a 28 millimeter equivalent focal length, and even if you start with a much easier and cheaper 38 millimeter equivalent focal length, (which narrows the field of view) you will still usually get a 70 degree field of view when the zoom is at maximum wide. In addition to these common numbers, I tested an 18-55 lens on an SLR with a 4/3 sensor which equals a widest focal length of 28 mm, which is the standard for most consumer cameras, and it’s field of view at maximum wide angle was able to take in a carefully measured 11 feet horizontal and 7 feet of vertical at a distance of 8 feet from the target.

Since this is the most common max wide angle in camera and video gear that can zoom, let’s plug those numbers into some measurements from the video, to get a guess at how big that blast was.
We have a fixed distance from the lens of 3.8 kilometers, which is proven by the time it takes the sound of the blast to reach the camera.
At the start of the video, we have the camera zoomed in to what appears to be maximum zoom, and it appears to be covering an area approximately 200 meters across. When the blast occurs at two and a half times the distance from where the camera is initially focused, which makes that recorded area approximately 500 meters across, it instantly exceeds the frame, and the camera operator pulls the zoom back. At his first pull back, the explosion still exceeds the frame, and when zooming out only to discover your frame is still completely filled, virtually all photographers will go to maximum wide angle to make sure they get it all in. So it is highly probable that is exactly what our cameraman did. That gives us our (most probable) 28 mm reference.
We can, from the measurements of what a focal length on another lens did at 28mm, (which was 8 feet of distance producing a frame which was 11 feet widefor a ratio of 8/11 at 28mm with the test camera), calculate approximately how big the blast was. To find out how wide the bombing video frame was, we can calculate with a known 3.8 km distance times a reference ratio of 11 width /8 distance. This means, take 3.8km, multiply it by 11 and divide that by 8 which comes out to a field of view that is 5.225 kilometers across at 3.8 KM distance, and a height ratio of 7/8 which when plugged into our known 3.8 KM distance to the blast, (if you multiply it by 7 and divide that by 8) you will get a vertical frame height of 3.325 km.
So at final pull back, the frame we are seeing in reference to the explosion is fairly close to 5.225km wide, and 3.325 km high give or take lens and sensor variances in consumer camera gear. I will explain this a little better later.
Now let’s measure that blast by measuring how much of that frame it fills. (to be completed, but initial guess is a minimum of 1.5 KM high within AT MOST 10 seconds, which means air currents did not cause the fireball to go to that height, the initial blast was that tall and got that tall at most likely a supersonic speed.

Work on this is in progress

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, You would have thought the Jewish press, who are totally genuine, were asleep at the time.
    It was reported on Rumor Mill News, two days ago, that Syria had declared WAR on Israel after the attack.
    So much for our free Press, they are Domestic Terrorists, much worse than real terrorists.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, A nuclear attack has been reported on Syria, and Dr Mercola is telling us about bird flu, mm, mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm.
    Something not quite right here, computer has just started playing up as well, mm mmm mmmm.

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