Is Woolwich a signal that Britain about to be sucked further into the war against Syria?

There are certainly suspicious actions here. Especially the woman who walked up to the guy with the knives and condemned him for his action. Who in their right minds would do that???? The sight of a beheaded body lying on the ground would make any sane person sick to the stomach and the presence of a bloodied assailant armed with large knives would be a definite cue to exit the scene pronto.

But why stage an incident such as this?

An incident such as this further angers the general populace and instills fear into minds thus making any anti Muslim aggression more ‘acceptable’. 

The pressure is on in Syria. Assad has gotten control over the paid – for mercenary FSA rebels and his regime has the backing of Hezbollah and Russia which has now sent a fleet of warships into the Mediterranean. Obama and Cameron, who have both pledged their “unchangeable” allegiance to Israel, have now promised more backing for FSA rebels so they can complete their plan of toppling Assad,installing a pro USA puppet ruler and using Syria as a base to attack their long time real target,Iran. 

This could a major war in the making. The world economies are failing and depression is upon us. Excessive debt created by irresponsible and greedy banking practices is the reason why and the economic bubble is deflating rapidly. Banks also are now in danger of collapsing and unemployment and poverty are rife. This all has happened since Bill Clinton repealed the Glass – Steagal Act in 1999 thus re-allowing the trading banks (the banks general population use)access to enormous amounts money from the investment banks (banks established to finance major projects).

This has all happened before and it always ends in world war. The focus is then redirected away from the traitorous rulers and derelict governments who then borrow from the banks to finance their part in the war. Banks then prosper again and plenty of job opportunities are created by the multi millions who don’t return from battle. Banks get a second windfall by financing the rebuilding of war torn countries.

Problems fixed. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This happened where a TV show called the Bill use to be filmed; if you look at many different videos the guy does NOT have blood on his hands! Also, there is a lack of blood on any clothing worn by either of them! There is no blood splatter on their faces !!!!!!! The tent moves, the blood pool moves, there is no blood where the man is laying in the centre of the road; one minute they are described as CRAZED and then they are calmly talking! A woman clearly walks past the guy (not afraid) while he is giving his statement to the camera????? The Barracks were wrongly named by every UK media corporation; it is heavily manned after an IRA bombing in the pub opposite the barracks!!!!! The “dead soldier” was separated from his wife and his girlfriend was travelling back froma tour of duty yet the media wheeled out his estranged wife???? The stepfather read out a message that the “dead soldier” told his mother the night before…it sounded like a goodbye message????? If he was beheaded, why has a “witness” described talking to him to comfort him???? Why has a friend of one of the “crazed guys” stated on BBC2 that Mi5 wanted him to join them and threatened him; tortured him etc etc etc..then he was arrested for terrorist offences after his interview?????????? Really???!!!!

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