I am not wasting time on the Woolwich psy op

This one was too stupid to deal with. My first post regarding this topic is down the page. 

This psy op is so transparently fake I don´t want to waste time going over what others are pointing out, but I have one observation here for others to run with – When the helicopter flies over, you can see blood where they supposedly dragged their victim from under the bushes to the road. That blood is NOT THERE in the videos shot before the helicopter arrived, and ALL video is AFTER they drag their supposed victim into the road. 

That´s one obvious set up team blooper. In Hollywood, that’s what is called a continuity error and they get made all the time in movies, with movie producers trying to keep them down to a minimum in the hopes that no one will notice.

Is the Woolwich Machete Massacre another exploded whale?

If Boston stunk like a rotten carp, this latest terror charade in Britain is an exploded whale. This story is still developing, but thus far we have two idiots walking up and down the street asking to be photographed, blood all over their hands so prominent it has to be paint while their clothes are clean, and no blood at all on the road where they supposedly chopped this guy up.

On top of that, all the while proclaiming to have done it in the name of Islam, which is just perfect for a gullible public. Perhaps the Israel nuking Syria story got too much traction and the Zionists figure they need to restore the balance once again to pure lies in their favor. Worse, it could be a sympathy/hate plot they have become famous for in a runup to some huge terror attack to make good and sure the sheeple walk directly into the correct stable of opinion.

Whatever this is, it stinks like a rotten whale, and they can keep the scooter.
Farganne posted the following to the forum:

“My take on the stabbing is that production values have shifted into C-grade action slasher straight-to-dvd territory. They didn’t even bother to clumsily spatter fake blood near the body.

This tells me they don’t even give a rat’s ass anymore. Their opinion of us is that low. They’re probably having fun with it, seeing how far they can push the envelope of ridiculousness. That’s my bloody take on it.

My response: Indeed, it is so ridiculous that there is not even the initial air of mystery to it like there was in Boston – this one is so fake on the surface that there is nothing to figure out.

Here is a formal debunking of this very silly story


and another showing yet more continuity errors in the filming.

YouTube – Videos from this email
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