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  1. Anonymous says:

    ALL political parties are the same.

    they promise to give you the Earth, of course, using your money.

    When they get into power they realise there is no “extra” money without more tax so they end up doing the same things all other political parties do.

    It amazes me how gullible people are. You would have thought that experience would teach people about politicians.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re joking right?

    Britain’s UKIP – another Zionist lobby tool


    For God’s sake, any UK political party still has to go through the Rothschild owned private company called the ‘The Bank of England’.

    Therefore, politicians are essentially bought and paid for.

    Unless there is a mass awakening to currencies like the Bradbury Pound (which is free from the banksters), then we are screwed.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Find even one spokesman from Labour or Conservative who will say a word against the EAW.

    UKIP are of course controlled from the top by the same people, but there is no way any opposition to the EU can be fomented anywhere else.

    Within the party, democracy could challenge the system. The chances are it will be a dead end, but at least, there’s some movement, and people are starting to realise the terrible situation we are all in.

    It might take another grass roots party to fight the full battle, but for now we have UKIP to channel opposition. The momentum is there. Policies could become more ambitious as position is achieved.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tap, notice how the MSM are currently promoting the UKIP party (through radio/TV/newspapers). Not strike you as strange all of a sudden?

    I despise the MSM but it pays to listen to what they have to say in order to adjust the bullshit-ometer currently located on my kitchen wall.

    The same people pulling the strings of the MSM have the same interests as pulling the strings of the politicians, whatever political persuasion.

    People are sick to death of the Lib/Lab/Con and I can see why people are turning in droves to UKIP. Don’t forget we had the same scenario with the BNP (and don’t forget several members from there defected to UKIP).

    Whilst we are still under the non-elected strangle-hold of the EU there is no room for nationalism as that the EU aims to break up all the countries. Eventually, like the BNP, UKIP will hit another EU brick-wall.

    I hope I’m wrong though 🙂


  5. Tapestry says:

    They promote UKIP to ensure the Conservatives cannot dominate the political process, and within the party, to ensure the independent-minded are stopped from ever gaining control.

    The problem for the controllers would be if the growth of UKIP were to run away from the Conservative-blocking level under 10%, to a Conservative-replacing 20% plus.

    Right now they’re somewhere in the middle. Another year and they might win the Europeans outright, and lay claim to the Conservative inheritance.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tap, assuming UKIP (or any political party for that matter) get in:

    – How are they going to reverse the national debt?

    – How are they going to bring back industry into this country which was sold off to overseas corporations years ago… the public highways/NHS being next. Let’s face it, the UK produces diddly-squat of value. Oh, but, apparently the tourism industry with regards to the Queen helps this country out.

    – The GDP of the corporation called the ‘United Kingdom’ is not too good either is it? Which political party can do something about that without having to lie in the mainstream media through their various PR agencies.

    FFS, mate, we are living under a fractional reserve banking system. Continual unpayable debt out of money which never existed in the first place… and we are enslaved into paying ‘interest’ on it…

    … so which politician is going to stand up to this scam (and risk their life) and obliterate this scam?!?!

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