Google tax means global government

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And global government means ‘one world currency’. Debt-based of course. ‘Fiat’ from thin air.

To continue all bad trends, but appearing as a ‘saviour’, just like the Euro… 

May the 1% be ‘balanced’ by the 99% SOON!!! 

TAP – the .01% be balanced by the 99.99%, in fact, Sabine!

Bilderberg’s Digital Tycoons
As Google’s global summit runs smoothly into Bilderberg this year, so have the two meeting agendas. Recent years have seen an increase in the influx of digital tycoons present at Bilderberg. Alongside software moguls like Craig Mundie, Head of Research and Strategy Officer at Microsoft (Bilderberg attendee 2006-2012), and Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Bilderberg attendee 2007-2011), the social media kingpins have also moved in to occupy key positions in Bilderberg’s top steering committees.
A key player in amongst them is Peter Thiel (left), head of Clarium Capital, the digital investment house that provided the financial clout which allowed for online ventures like Paypal, Facebook, LinkedIn and Friendster to dominate their digital marketplaces. Thiel was promoted to Bilderberg committee head in 20ll and has emerged as a key player not only in the online industries, but also as an influencer in US political spheres, gaining attention recently as a prominent backer of Kentucky’s Republican junior Senator Rand Paul.
New global ‘Google Tax’ already in the works
The convergence of the Google Summit, its tax battle, and Bilderberg 2013 may seem innocent enough on its surface, but the timing is no mere coincidence. UK leadership have whipped up a frenzy in the media over Google’s alleged tax sins, leaving the public clamouring for a solution. The words “never let a good crisis go to waste” certainly chime in well here.
Two weeks ago, a major UK clash erupted between No. 10 Downing Street and Google over the issue of corporate tax evasion. Google’s Matt Brittin was grilled by the UK’s Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and its chair Margaret Hodge, who accused Google “doing evil” by using an elaborate array of offshore entities in a “smoke and mirrors” financial maze designed to avoid paying any significant tax into UK coffers. Both PM David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne also came out loudly in public accusing Google of being ‘immoral’. Google is said to have only chipped in 6 million GBP in 2011 out of its 3 billion GBP turnover in that same year. Google’s Peter Baron claims its in full compliance with UK law, issuing the public statement last week that, “None of the allegations put to us change the fact that Google pays the corporate tax due on its UK activities and complies fully with UK law.”

Will Google throw in the towel and submit to a British tax resolution?

The fact of matter is Google is powerful and with a net worth that trumps some countries. These days much of the world’s commerce runs through Google in some way, and their brand recognition and money buys influence in Britain, and everywhere else it seems. So it’s doubtful that any British politico could strong-arm Google. Behind the scenes both Google and Britain’s political elite share a place at central planning’s top round table – as members of the Bilderberg Group and that’s where the really ‘big ideas’ are not just discussed, but actually transmitted into policy.

As the public feud between Google and Downing Street takes centre stage, backstage both UK Chancellor George Osborne and Google CEO Eric Schmidt – both committed fellow Bilderberg members, are said to have met in private at the Google event, and are poised to do so again at Bilderberg 2013. Both have attended the annual meeting almost continuously since 2006.

George Osborne: Attacks Google in public, but VIP guest and fellow Bilderberger to Goolge CEO Schmidt in private.

So this apparent Punch ‘n Judy match between Google and Downing Street appears just three weeks before this year’s Bilderberg summit, and four weeks before the G8, and suddenly the UK government and media outlets have become infested with a the new talking point: “we need for a new ‘global profit tax’.
While addressing the Google tax loophole, the UK’s Independent newspaper led by its liberal-leaning economics editor Ben Chu, goes on to essentially lay-out what is likely to be at the top of the agenda at Bilderberg 2013:
“The cascade of revelations in recent months showing multinational companies doing a huge amount of business here and yet paying virtually no corporation tax has provoked widespread public demands for something to be done. 
National governments could and should try to put a stop to this egregious “profit shifting” on their own. But a unilateral approach is plainly second best.
The natural solution is to secure an agreement by all the world’s governments to tax the profits of multinational firms collectively and to divide up the revenues fairly between them. This division could be based on the amount of business done by the multinational in their various territories as revealed by their turnover and number of employees.”Global tax means global government
So is Google supplying the Trojan horse needed to implement a global taxation system that many have been warning about for so many years? Maybe.
Will Bilderberg’s global elite use this perfect crisis moment as a pretext to build the framework for global taxation? Most likely.

If the idea passes through Bilderberg in June, will it then be rubber stamped later at the G8?Highly likely.

Although happy to float such a revolutionary idea in the media in advance of back-to-back Google and Bilderberg summits at the Grove Hotel, and later at the G8, one thing which global taxation advocates fail to mention here is that if you institute a global taxation system then you would then need a global government to administrate it. Yes, you heard that right: global taxation = global government. 
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  1. And global government means ‘one world currency’. Debt-based of course. ‘Fiat’ from thin air.

    To continue all bad trends, but appearing as a ‘saviour’, just like the Euro…

    May the 1% be ‘balanced’ by the 99% SOON!!!

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