Ben Fellows spills the beans

Andrew Lloyd Webber.

UPDATE –  Ben Fellows is missing.

Ben told me he had more things that are of public interest concerning his conversation with the Police.  I suggested it’s best to spill everything he has.  Here’s the tape of the Police interview from November 2012.

Ben as he was when the paedophile predators tried to work him over.

It covers his experiences as a child actor,  being offered by his agent Sylvia Young to Tom Cruise for sex (Tom chose someone else), Christopher Cazenove making violent sexual moves on him in a hotel room, and how he is advised to make a Police statement to protect himself from Ken Clarke suing him for the penis-touching allegations.  (Once allegations are subject of a Police enquiry, the alleger cannot be sued.  Furthermore, not mentioned, no newspaper can carry them)

That’s just the first tape.

‘That’s how it was for me,’ Ben says.

He explains that Max Clifford has many people recorded on tape ‘admitting what they do’, (TAP – presumably with kids).  Was this why Max Clifford was arrested?

There’s a lot of background on how the entertainment industry works and the exploitation of young actors, and how people hold dirt on each other to keep each other quiet.  Young actors who love all the glamour will do ‘pretty much whatever’ to get a career.  It’s all about control, says Ben.

Esther Rantzen invited him to a party in the New Forest.  Drugs.  Alcohol.  Children.  Adults.  Sex.

Police comment – ‘There’s the screen face, then there’s who these people really are’.

A 13 year old from an Australian soap was raped at an after show party in front of fifteen people.   The perpetrator is named.  No one did anything about it.

Mel Smith.  Joanna Lumley.  Joan Collins.  Drugs.  Ben told the Press a few of the seedier details of his encounters with these people.  The newspapers reported none of it.  The PR machine makes them all seem like wonders of the world.  As Ben makes clear in this video, they definitely are not.  As usual the Police are concerned not to investigate but to keep the lid on the pot.

Ben seems to want to get it all off is chest, and talks fluently as you would expect from a professional actor.  Once you start listening, you are transported to the end without a pause.

Bruce Forsyth is mentioned.  Jimmy Savile.  Andrew Lloyd Webber groomed him through multiple auditions, and then stuck his tongue down Ben’s throat, grabbing Ben’s genitals, when he was 15 in 1990.  He didn’t complain.  Who could I complain to, he asks the Police officers.  Silence.

From Twitter about Ben’s revelations in this interview –

QUOTE: “Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, Collin Farrel. Outed as rent boy sceners by Ben Fellows to take on VIP paedo

Ben’s email to The Tap….. 

Okay here’s full disclosure. 
I’ve uploaded the first of 3 video’s to utube naming names once and for all. If the Police won’t do their job well then the public have a right to know what secrets the Police are keeping to use for their own benefit.
Here is the link 
Please download and repost as this video won’t last long. 
Good luck!
All the best

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15 Responses to “Ben Fellows spills the beans”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I admire and respect this brave survivor of this scum!

    I have an idea; why doesn’t some brave soul take out an international citizen arrest warrant to detain the untouchables for breaching the Human Rights of Children. In case you aren’t aware this is why the pope quit (the 1st to do so) and why queenie isn’t going abroad (ROFL this would be one to test Icke with and for him to demonstrate that he isn’t one of them)

  2. Andrew Moran says:

    The BBC should be closed down immediately – they have allowed abuse to many children over the years and the license payers have footed the bill – disgusting disgraceful behavior – even if you were one of the ones who knew something but was not sure keeping quiet means your as guilty – close it down now and do the right thing

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve narrowed down my idea of who it that Dolph Lundgren is alleged to have had sex with from Home and Away, I think it could be Kate Ritchie, who used to play Sally Fletcher on the soap. The Word episode is from 11 Dec. 1992, she was born 14 Aug 1978, which puts her at 14 years old. I can’t find another cast member that fits the bill.

    Jimbo Jones.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Media is owned & run Worldwide by “jews”. If you want THEIR particular religious points of view,check out the CHILD RAPE stuff in their babylonian TALMUD. Funnily enough, the very first time I ever heard of this book, was in 1991 on michael jackson’s DANGEROUS album.

    Kind of makes you wonder how any NON jew could ever make a name for themselves in that industry.

    Wake up & smell the fecal matter covered dreidel,(probably invented by a jew as a buttplug)They are filthy “People”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve listened to these tapes. The problem is that nothing appears to have happened. No child rape. No child sacrifice. A little over-familiarity and a certain amount of drug misuse but otherwise a lot of froth and indignation from someone worldly enough and focused enough even then to sense he’d have to take the rough with the smooth if he wanted a career. Therapy culture and the concept of irreversible damage is being used to extend ‘childhood’ to older and older age groups in order to absolve people of responsibility and extend the opportunities for state interference in our private lives. We will regret it.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Interesting viewpoint. The state is already filly involved in trying to inject toxic sterilising substances into our children’s bodies, stealing them from their families and there is much evidence of child rape, and satanic rituals where children are tortured and murdered. Only in such a world could there exist the murky behind-the-scenes goings-on that Ben describes, in which offences were committed on him. He points out that the Police are not interested, and will not even interview the perpetrators. That’s the truly shocking part of Ben’s message. And it goes all the way up to David Cameron who helped to bury Ben’s allegations of his Cook Report experience at the hand of Ken Clarke.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “The problem is that nothing appears to have happened.”

    Child molestation is a crime…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Andrew Lloyd Webber takes after his dad William. William did his fair share of fiddling with male students when he taught at the Royal College of Music and died from anal injuries endured whilst making one of his students bugger him. Fact.

  9. Anonymous says:

    none of the videos works it said they have been removed..

  10. Lily Mouse says:

    Sounds like the only reason he wasn’t fully raped was because Tom Cruise chose someone else. And he was definitely sexually assaulted, I don’t call that “nothing happening”. I really hope the guy is alright and he’s just gone into hiding.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If you sign a contract that allows you ultimate riches you have a non-disclosure clause in the contract. If you violate that non-Disclosure Contract they (Lucifer and his punks) have the right to kill you.

    If Lucifer’s Agents violate the contract then you may break the contract – but all your money must be returned.

    You cannot have it both ways.

    It is best not to sign the contract with: THE MAN, THE ORIGINAL LIAR, LUCIFER – who cannot even stop the sun spot set up for tomorrow.

    Song: Hotel California.

    Loozifer – your a looser.

    Dr William B. Mount

  12. Anonymous says:

    Up pops Bennie at Watford – and cannot face the camera , or speak a word of explanation- such as the reason he stayed out of touch for days – whilst certainly knowing others believed him abducted ,
    Or – reason why he did not arrive where he told his wife he would be .

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