Free Norman Scarth

From Road Hog.  His offences sound pretty serious.

From Sabine

Dear Supporter of Norman Scarth
To encourage you to sign one or two petitions regarding the future of our children, he writes:
No country was ever perfect (& no person either- certainly not me!)
However, Britain is currently far worse than it should be or could be, Quislings having achieved by stealth what Hitler failed to do  by force, turning Britain into a Totalitarian Police State, while hiding behind a pretence of ‘Democracy’, ‘Human Rights’ & ‘The Rule of Law’.  WE HAVE NONE OF THEM! 
The humanity of a country is shown by its treatment of the vulnerable, be they old, young or just lacking in power.  Sadly, the people  who hold positions of power & influence in today’s Britain treat such people with a mixture of contempt, brutality & sadism.  
I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL to you who signed the Petition to have me released from the Hell-Hole known as Armley Gaol, after I had been put there at the age of 86 by a corrupt, sadistic judge.  SUPPOSEDLY for ‘Contempt’, it was really to stop me exposing the corruption which is rampant in our courts.  Bad enough to treat an old man in such a way, but, I have had a good life, able to look back on much happiness. 
Far worse is the treatment meted out in the so-called ‘Family Courts’, held IN SECRET – severe penalties imposed on distraught parents who dare to tell what has been done to them & their children.  Far from supporting families, they break them up, kidnapping the children for forced adoption, a money-making racket.  They constantly repeat the outrageous lie that the secrecy is ‘To Protect The Children’, when in reality it is to enable them to carry on their nefarious activities without the world knowing of it. 
I urge you to sign
·         the Petition to Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK – for non-UK MEPs and the European Parliament
·         and to end the secrecy in the Family Courts – for the Judiciary and Parliament
Norman Scarth
With many thanks in advance,

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3 Responses to “Free Norman Scarth”

  1. Road_Hog says:

    From Wiki

    In 2001 Scarth was sentenced to six years in jail for wounding a court bailiff with a chainsaw with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.[2] He spent four years in jail and two years in a psychiatric hospital, which he says was part of a conspiracy against him.[7][8]

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cant attack our new “celebrity heroes” The Repo Men…shaven headed freemasons who are mainly of the same tribe as the money lenders. Bullies with a sadistic streak. Fat unfit men who enjoy traumatising the weak but wouldnt stand up to an even match.

    And you can bet your bottom dollar that the judge was yet another dual national.

    A land fit for heroes? I bet this poor man wonders why he bothered in WW2, and wishes he was the same age again as the fat skinheads so he could have had a chance when he fought back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Suggest Road Hog may be a West Yorkshire Police motorcycle cop. Fits the pattern of propaganda.

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