Don’t buy into false terror scenes, or it will affect you

Julia said…
Why are the bystanders not frightened by a madman with an axe who is prepared to behead people? It is like a movie set. We have movies filmed in Bath quite often, and there are bystanders watching the movie, just like this. The only difference here with the Wool Witch movie, is that they have filmed the movie set for the news, and presented it as real. Blurring illusion and reality.

No matter how obvious it seems, there are plenty out there still believing it, and maybe they are testing us to see how trusting we are of what they feed us. If you buy into it, or give it attention, then you are feeding of it. If you are feeding off it, it affects you. And if you accept the food, they will give you more of it.

8:32 pm 

Anonymous said…

Couldn’t agree more Julia.

The blurring of reality with fiction.

That’s what Hollywood does best… casts a spell on the unsuspecting public.

– Cobalt

TAP –   Sympathy for the family’s loss.   The soldier killed presumably by MI5 to provide

the photoshop storyline with the necessary victim.  The message he sent his mother the

day before he died seems like classic pay-op material –

EXPRESS –  Lee’s stepfather Ian, 54, read out the last text message his wife received from her son, sent the night before his death.

It read: “Goodnight mum, I hope you had a fantastic day today because you are the most fantastic and one in a million mum that anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for supporting me all these years, you’re not just my mum you’re my best friend. So goodnight, love you loads.”

Mr Rigby continued: “We would like to say goodnight Lee, rest in peace our fallen soldier, we love you loads and words cannot describe how loved and sadly missed you will be.

“We would like to thank everybody, the police and army for the amazing support we have received and for all the goodwill wishes we are receiving from all over the country in memory of Lee.

TAP –  isn’t that all just a little too perfect?  Was he selected as a good-looking young father to maximise the trauma effect?

As this clip shows, the images were altered by the media for maximum effect –  all very strange…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was coming home in a taxi late last night from work. Was talking to the muslim/asian gentleman driving and we were talking about this subject among other things.

    He is part of a large, strong community/family. Intelligent bloke, and and he mentioned that he, like so many of his community/family, are sick of being scapegoated for every false-flag ‘terrorist’ attack.

    The government/mainstream media always blames it on the muslims/blacks he said. He said every religion has it’s bad apples.

    Couldn’t have agreed more… and he even said the taxi ride home was on him as he was just about to finish his shift anyway.

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