Death of a whistleblower

The ex-intelligence operative and analyst Anthony Thomas Trevor-Stokes
has died aged 93.
Known as T Stokes  he came up the long hard way and never achieved the rank
many said he deserved, always an advocate of democratic freedoms he wanted much less secrecy
 and did not see why things like the  House of Commons menu should be an official secret.
A supporter of internet freedom and other real news activists, his out spokenness for sharing the aims and goals of the intelligence world with the public and often engaging their help  as watchers and informants made him many internal enemies but brought him massive public approval.
Stokes believed that NWO Communism could only be defeated by educating the public on the huge Soviet Georgy Arbatov plan for exporting soft Socialism as the thin end of a very sinister wedge.
One of his remits was the protection and care of Winston Churchill’s wartime close colleagues and secretaries, British intell wanted Britain to stay out of W W II and so Churchill replaced all the key figures
in order to get Britain into the war, having the popular intel cheif Vernon Kell murdered in his own fireplace.
he was also was one of three men who exposed Churchill’s murder of  Neville Chamberlain the most popular Prime Minister ever, but it was the Michael Gordon case which brought him to prominence, Gordon was an unusual recruit for the intelligence world, he was quite low I Q,  awkward unfit overweight and  self conscious, he failed most tests, yet was chosen for special training and sent to Russia to recruit  dissidents in the nuclear weapons arena, he was caught and died under torture.
Stokes maintained he was chosen especially to fail as all he was taught was false and should have come out under torture giving the Soviets a pack of false leads and wrong intel, but Gordon never spoke he died without revealing any of his fake data.
 The intelligence hierarchy is of vital importance to a foreign power
 and is known as the Or/Bat or order of Battle, and knowing this the whole apparatus can be unravelled
so Gordon had been instructed to name people actually outside of the service.
Stokes wanted the British news media to cover Soviet murders of British nationals, which usually appeared in the British news media as  deaths through car crashes, skiing acidents drug overdoses or falling from high balconies during  parties.
Both Peter Wright of Spycatcher book fame,  along with T Stokes were alleged  to have secretly briefed the Daily Express Defence correspondent Chapman Pincher on anything they wanted revealed through the newspapers, both believed  that every operation  against the Soviets up until the late 60s failed because of high level traitors, Stokes was able to penetrate through Londons Jewish taxi driver community into Mossad, and along with James Rusbridger who was murdered, claimed  that Lord  Rothschild was the major spy of W W II, and also claimed that since the Russian revolution of 1917 the Soviet Union was run by Rothschild appointees who colluded  together with the British Rothschild’s to bring about wars and conflict for financial gain.
 In the early seventies crisis where the Soviet navy had Britain surrounded by nuclear subs, no one knew whether this was an exercise or the real thing, the Russians wanted to see how the British responded in a security flap, Stokes trounced them by calling in all retired officers and giving them two weeks work on half their old pay and put them to work laying false trails, generally muddying the waters and allowing small snippets of info to get to the Russians that  the British were pro-active and taking hard line  military control of the situation, this is known as chicken-feed release.
In 1973 Stokes was sent to meet a dissident Jewish nuclear physicist who wanted to pass information to the west about the horrific Israeli nuclear arsenal, when the documents were passed in the Moscow art gallery he was seized and after a quick trial next day he was sentenced to 2 years in prison, he did not help himself by constant escape attempts and after injuring two guards was given 6 years at Svetmagorsk on the Siberian border, in 1977 he was exchanged for the Communist activist Brian Edward Mitchell and brought home, weighing just 5 stone he had been severely burnt by having petrol thrown over him and set alight while asleeep in his cell.
Physically and mentally shattered he claimed he had been betrayed to the Russians, and began to whistleblow about Soviet criminal activity in Britian, this angered the British authorities and a big falling out ensued which never healed.
Dr. Samuel Cohen.

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11 Responses to “Death of a whistleblower”

  1. Road_Hog says:

    There’s certain articles that I like to check the veracity of, and this was one of them.

    I picked out one name to Google, James Rusbridger.

    And sure enough, Wiki tells us that he died from autoerotic fatality.

    There’s a right up about him in the Independent from early 1994. It gives a bit more about the detail.

    “The circumstances of Mr Rusbridger’s death are as bizarre and mysterious as the recent fate of the Tory MP Stephen Milligan. The latter’s colleagues angrily denounced disclosures about his corpse (naked but for women’s stockings, bag on head, orange in mouth, flex around throat). They seem unexercised by the equally prompt – and weird – disclosures concerning Mr Rusbridger’s (the oilskins, the gasmask – and a rope connecting neck and ankles to a series of pulleys). Why did the man-in-a- mask in Bodmin rate a less anxious response than the man-in- a-bag in Hammersmith?”

    It’s amazing the way that these people who annoy the elites, meet some weird and wonderful deaths.

  2. Tapestry says:

    T Stokes sent quite a few posts to The Tap.

    I never met him or spoke to him. Someone should write a book about his life.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Used to email T Stokes. Got quite a bit of good information onto the net through him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I remember exchanging emails with T Stokes in 2008 and he gave me information on Greville JANNER.
    Lord JANNER is a member of the Magic Circle and keen on magic tricks but he is also involved in black magic rituals.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I heard him on radio some time back, and i met him at a christening for the grandson of a member of MI6 some years back, i was told he had been badly burnt, i dont like whistleblowers and never understood why he did so, we may never know now
    colin davis

  6. Anonymous says:

    i have mixed feelings about this man,
    i asked him repeatedly to help soviet dissidents in the gulags, and he said he could do no more than raise the matter with the Soviet consulate, so it was poetic justice when he was imprisoned in one himself, except he was lucky he survived
    Alex Khovski

  7. Anonymous says:

    Not sure about any of this. The photo seems to have been stolen from here (and is apparently of somebody called Reginald):-

  8. Tapestry says:

    Is the information incorrect?

  9. Very sorry to hear this. RIP, T Stokes.

  10. Tapestry says:

    The real ex-spy who used to write on here was Gordon Logan. His record was amazing and real. Stokes’ seems to be questionable. Did he even exist? Is he an internet op?

  11. Tapestry says:

    I corresponded with is widow since. He seemed real enough.

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