Conservative MPs that want to survive need to move away from euro-defeatism

We all know the political parties are controlled from behind the scenes, but that doesn’t mean MPs are totally powerless.  They need to organise to survive, and not move against the system piecemeal.  Here’s a few suggestions.

  • Mike Bradley and Tap chat on Facebook under Tim Montgomerie post – 

    10 Conservative MPs are in touch with UKIP talking of moving across.

    Mike Bradley

    The Party needs to stand behind the sensible Referendum strategy and not continually implode.

  • Henry Curteis The party has already imploded. UKIP on 17%, about to win the Euro elections. When will people twig. The Conservative Lib Dem strategy has failed totally. Time to move on.

  • Mike Bradley Disagree LibDem coalition has kept Labour out to ensure a common-sense recovery.

    Time to tear up the alliance is closer to the Gen Election when economy/recovery stronger and voters realise that only the Conservatives offer a real choice on the future of GB within the European context.

    UKIP will have to form an alliance with the Conservatives in order to avoid a Labour government in 2015 anyway.

    Current focus needs to be economic recovery not Europe & not UKIP & definitely not a new leader.

  • Henry Curteis There’s no time like the present to form a Parliamentary sub-group of 50 or 100 with a plan to move to the future, and abandon past failures. Call them ‘Conservative Future Group’. 

    UKIP/Conservative in a pact would be unstoppable, but they will need joint ticket, not to stand against each other. That requires a lot of preparatory work to be done now in both parties. 

    Any Conservative MP who commits to the Conservative Future Group, would be assured position on the joint ticket, for example. Now there’s a way to motivate some movement. 

    The MP could ask for approval from his/her constituency to join the Conservative Future Group.

  • Henry Curteis It would be more effective to move Conservative MPs as a group away from Cameron and his euro-defeatism than one by one.

  • Tory Cabinet members ‘to join protest vote’ on EU referendum

    Cabinet ministers could join more than 100 Conservative MPs in a vote to criticise the Government for failing to announce a European Union referendum, Tories have predicted.

    Tory Cabinet members 'to join protest vote’ on EU referendum

    Tory Cabinet ministers may support a backbench amendment expressing regret that the Queen’s Speech this week did not contain a referendum law Photo: AP
    James Kirkup
    By , and Tim Ross
    7:00AM BST 11 May 2013
    Conservative MPs have said that Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling and Owen Paterson could all support a backbench amendment expressing regret that the Queen’s Speech this week did not contain a referendum law.
    The prospect of Cabinet ministers backing a motion that effectively reprimands their own Government has heightened tensions within the Coalition.
    David Cameron has said he would hold a referendum on EU membership after the next election, but many of his MPs have warned that voters will not take that promise on trust.

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5 Responses to “Conservative MPs that want to survive need to move away from euro-defeatism”

  1. Road_Hog says:

    I don’t want a UKIP-Con pact, the Tories are finished and there are too many Europhile and Common Purpose fans within them.

    I would not be happy if the UKIP candidate stood down in my ward, to give a Con a free rein.

    People need to let go of the LibLabCon and forget the old mantra, if you don’t vote blue, you let red in. This is how they have kept the votes amongst the LibLabCon, it is a trick that keeps power between the main two parties.

    Take the red pill and forget the LibLabCon.

  2. Tapestry says:

    If you abandon the main game of party politics, you hand an easy victory to your enemies. You have to play all games that are available – internet, Parliament, even main media. Yes there are high numbers of lost MPs to Common Purpose and the like. But while there are some who share the same instincts as many others do, for freedoms, national survival, stopping the tyranny of the elites, they are worth supporting. There is nowhere on the planet where all are bad.

    The new parties are also penetrated and controlled. Yet they are also useful to a point. Abandon nothing. Fight on every platform.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yet all political parties still have to answer to TPTB. Take out the middle man and let the politians/government/globalists answer directly to the public for once.

  4. Tapestry says:

    There are no direct democracy structures in place as yet.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh wow cant believe people still believe there is actually a choice! its just like USA 2 in our case 3-4 sides of the same coin. all theatrics in the house blaming each other for past failures while doing nothing to put it right. calling each other RT Honorable Gentleman hahaha what a freaking joke,its like watching lawrel & hardy or punch & judy ACTING. they can’t answer a question unless they have prior knowledge to rehearse the reply/speach and try to make it sound witty. and like 5yr olds they sit there jeering and nodding like puppets behind the leaders. We need grown ups who will actually want to sort things out not playground bullies who want to be leader of the Gang! (Gary Gltter song) how appropriate. but seriously if any of them were truly honest with themselves what would there answer be to this Q: why are you David C PM or the others want to be PM? is it for the good of British people/country or for your own ego/power,

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