Clwyd Hall School commenter. Please complete.

I was in Clwyd hall school and was abused by two male members of staff was bullied also by a mr Williams who became headmaster, I was bullied and abused for several years,,,, yet these convicts get silly punishments because they were government approved, myself I have not had a successful place in life, as im to defensive of myself in life as no-one was defensive of me during school life…. 

things were so bad when I turned 16 I changed my name by deed poll (and i’m now 47), so nothing would come back to me!, but now I see this and think its about time I came forward and help try and reconvict certain people, on behalf of all the poor lost souls who took there life because of there traumas,,, 


I’m sorry im late with this but I’ve only just come across this problem, and thought I should voice my concerns….. the convictions that were given by the so called judge should be looked into as they were too lenient, maybe he was involved some way, as I know a father who hit his kids once and got 18 months sentence ,, so this was once , yet the abusers was constant for years and get silly sentences

anyway if theres anyone from 1972 to 1978 who would like …….

Rest is missing

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ….. so I want lots of money ?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Maybe some understanding from others about what was done to these kids, and is still being done. They are so heavily suppressed by the torture they experience, many can’t think or speak about what happened. Admire the courage of anyone who tries. Putting them down again with accusation is a sure sign of sympathy with the destroyers and torturers.

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