Canadian minister of defence says 2 living ETs are working with the US Government

Toad Hall sends –

Paul Hellyer was the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 to open up on the ET, UFO subject and state publicly that it was a crucial unspoken element of politics.  At least four species have been visiting earth for thousands of years, coming from different star systems.  Not all have the same agenda.

There are the tall whites, who are living on US state property.

Paul says his interest is in full disclosure, which he then describes as more like 60-70% full disclosure, as some things are not suitable for public disclosure.  We live in a cosmos teeming with life of various sorts.  Many are far more advanced than we are, and knowing this is crucial to our survival.  Great.  How?

He believes in global warming, and thinks it’s a real threat to our survival.  He blames it on the financial and banking system of the western world.  We need the technology for clean energy which exists.

The CFR, the Bilderbergers, the cartels of oil and pharmaceuticals have become a shadow government, which he calls the Three Sisters.  His political assessments are not new, while his publicising of the existence of ETs on earth is new.

He recommends Daniel Estulin’s books on the Bilderberger Group.  The aim is a world government elected by no one, and accountable to no one.  The plan, according to David Rockefeller is well advanced.  A giant leap towards world government took place at the end of the Cold War.  The programme was for ‘preventative’ wars, with America acting as the world’s policeman, secret police, the ending of civil liberties with a moribund US economy running at way below its potential.   A new Pearl Harbour was planned – and it came about on 9/11.

He goes onto the reason for hatred of the US being the handling of the Palestinian situation (usual interruption from Chairman at this very moment).  He seems not to realise that the Boston Marathon was false flag.  You wonder if he’s laying a false trail for others or he just doesn’t know.  I was disappointed that he offered no details as to what the ETs are up to.  Is he managed opposition?

He gets back to aliens at the end, saying they act as angels and intermediaries to the divine source.   I was hoping to learn a bit more than that, I have to say.  Has anyone out there seen anything which explains the ET phenomenon from a new perspective, and links the actions of the One World totalitarian state to influences from off planet?   David Icke offers a lot more, Toad Hall giving a combined influences of both good and evil from off planet, although I don’t follow his holographic stuff.  This video is very disappointing, and only just makes it as a Tap Blog post.

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  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Don’t forget,politicians always tell the truth.

  2. Road_Hog says:

    Interestingly, he is on the Privy Council and is the longest serving member.

  3. I have two living in my loft, see anybody can say it, do i have more credibility? possibly.
    Where is his proof??

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