Boston Marathon props department tomato sauce dispenser

Boston Hoax Peach Mole Busted Smuggling in Fake Blood Bladder
Make no mistake about it the  Zionists are zealots with an insatiable thirst for blood and the sewing of corruption. In tis regard it was such arch-hostile ones who perpetrated 9-11, the Madrid Train Bombings, the London Tube Bombings, the Bali Disco Massacre, and, diabolically, the invasions of Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and more. 

The peach mole is one such zealot. While there is a separate post regarding this, , nevertheless the degree of the criminal acts committed by this woman, known as the peach woman, is worthy of emphasis. A deliberate Zionist mole, furiously, she is attempting to achieve this scam by not only cutting off people’s clothes with shears but also rubbing fake blood on the now exposed parts, mainly from the knees down.

Regardless, this is not the expected behavior of a person caught in a bomb-blast. Surely, no one in history has busied themselves rubbing fake blood on fake victims in a fake bombing, that is other than Zionist Jews.
Here she is in action after shearing off the woman’s lower jeans. It can be clearly seen that this is what she has done: she did cut up the jeans, the residue of which is seen to the left of her left shoulder. Fake blood has stained part of the pant leg; she is rubbing the woman’s legs with the fake liquid. That liquid emanates from the bladder hidden in the black pack. The black pack has a piece of PVC tubing arising from it. There seems to be a handle, possibly a pump, attached.
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