Are the underground cities the other half of the chemtrails story?

The video is an investigation into the Phil Schneider story, someone who knew the full picture of the underground cities constructed across the USA – and many other parts of the world.  The first time you hear Phil Schneider you tend to think it’s all to fantastic to be true.

Yet today with chemtrails thickening each month, agriculture is being wrecked by either drought (will that be the story in 2013? in Europe), flood or lack of sun.  Or all three in succession.  Why would the elite destroy their own environment, is the obvious question.  Surely they have to live in the same world as us.

Last year Gordon Logan warned us about the possibility of using HAARP technology to dismantle the magnetosphere, which protects the planet from solar radiation.  If that was coordinated with a Carrington event, the whole of the modern world would be dismantled as every wire would be melted by the radiation.  We would be completely crippled.  All our systems would cease working, and not be repairable for years.  Again you have to ask why would the elite dismantle their own world.

Yet if they have already constructed underground cities, a mile deep and have the ability to escape to other planets using anti-gravity vehicles, the environment they are planning to destroy and in fact already destroying would not be theirs.

The only other event in history which would be comparable would be Noah’s Ark and the Deluge.  That took place 13,000 years and wiped out nearly all human beings alive at the time.  Only a few survived who had prior warning and built an escape capsule – the ark.  The Antarctic Ice Cap was melting.  Cubic miles of ice fell into the sea sending a tsunami across the planet deep enough to cover mountain ranges.  The elites at the time, who were capable of space travel and other flight knew it was coming.  They took off and watched it all happening from their earth orbiting base.  Some hoped it would end all human life.  But others had warned their friends and relatives, and Noah and his family escaped to restart the human race.

There is much evidence that an alternative living zone is available for the elites.  Maybe a few tens of thousands are on the list to survive.  The rest of us are entirely expendable.  If you doubt that notion, look up in the sky each morning, and wonder why the sun is being blocked.  The weakness of the plan, is that however many are on the inside of the plan, there are vastly greater numbers outside.  If the outsiders get to know the plan, they will have ample opportunity to sabotage it.  Noah saved a handful who were able to keep the secret of what was coming.  The modern version is too vast to keep secret.  It could well be halted.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People might want to look into the massive underground cities in Japan. With the Fukushima incident being played down in the media (despite the fact that it’s many times more catastrophic than Chernobyl), the Elites/globalists could well be hiding away in there, or at least have these underground cities as a backup plan.

    Another one is Denver airport and all it’s Illuminati symbolism up top… while we don’t know what’s going on down below (Ordo Ad Chao). VC covered it well (

    Norway is another one… they have massive underground structures too. However, the general consensus was that they were for the ‘end of the world’/Mayan calender 2012 fiasco.

    There are many more… the list is far too long for a single post.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Talking about Chemtrails.
    My family were having a good day out at a fun day in Nottingham.
    Even my 10 year old Grandson commented on all the Chemtrails directly over us.
    We counted 30 or more during the day.
    The Elite certainly have it in for us.

  3. The sunny Italic penisula is no execption. I’ve lived here for 20 years (Brescia, Italy near Milan) and I’ve never seen so much rain and clouds. When I mention chemtrails to people I’m laughed at. What to do??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Puppy Carbone has the same problen I had.
    The best way to tell people, is by commenting about the chemtrails on sunny days.
    It’s best to tell friends first, then they will tell their friends.
    On a sunny Bank holiday they laid their trails, two or three days later come the clouds.
    Keep mentioning the MO, then the ‘penny drop’s’
    Then after a couple of observations, they are believers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, It’s only 8am on Tuesday, just counted 15 chemtrails over Doncaster.

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