You’ll wait until hell freezes over if you rely on the msm to give you these stories.

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Hi Road hog…
The govt have experimented on us for decades ( chemical weapons tests in the 40’s and 50’s. Nuke tests etc.) So don’t look for any sense to what’s going on. 

There are regular whistle blowers from the aviation industry but you have to search for them as there’s a total block on chemtrail stories in the msm.

Here’s a couple….

ex USAF sergeant…

civilian airline engineer…

keep looking up

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had sent some info to Clifford Carnicom several years ago who expressed that he had never been able to obtain such a record and asked if he could publish such but I declined as it was first hand exposure of military biological weapons mass testing on UK citizens in 2007, including myself. With the internet subsequently awash with truther sites such will be far less sensitive now so I’ll endeavour to set some time aside and post you the info at some point. How do I feel at being a UK military bio-weapons guinea pig? The effects were short lived and so long as that is the case and there are no long term medical effects I can say I have experienced far graver injuries from the authorities for no good reason. At least the military had an objective.


  2. hi tap..thanks for re posting my comment.
    Really heavy spraying over tayside today. A real pity as it was set to be a glorious day.
    I’ve called it ‘Black Wednesday’…..

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