Will Kate’s baby be called Georgia?

April 1st.  Julia's ramble.

Cox and coccyx...
I have found someone else suffering from pain in the coccyx! Lots of people have bad backs these days, and I wonder how many have a specific problem with the coccyx, starting roughly October? Coccyx is like cox, and they are both tails. The coccyx is your tailbone, and the cox sits in the tail of the boat, the only person facing forward. The rowers in the boat are like the spine, and the arch of the boat is like the arch of the spine. The bow of the boat reminds me of an archers bow, and it's amazing how similar the arch of Viking boats look to archery bows. When you are an archer pulling back your bow string, it arches your back beautifully. Boats, bows, bones. Bow 'n, arrow, bone marrow. 

All that glitters is not gold...

The head coach of Bath Rugby is called Gary Gold. If, like me, you think that names are labels, rather than a pet name created entirely by your parents, then this is quite an interesting one. Bath Rugby have two prominent dates in their history. 14/4/10 when they held a press conference to announce change of ownership and new plans. The other one is 1865 (9.11 numerologically) when they were founded. Lincoln was assassinated on 14/4/1865. Bath is on the Fossaeway Roman Road leading to Lincoln. I would say the date of the press conference was chosen deliberately as a link of some sort to Lincoln.  


They are supposed to be a cycling charity. But maybe it's more recycling, recycling souls. They have a section on their website called "Where have all the children gone?". Maybe they have gone into the tunnels. This saturday in Bath is the opening ceremony of the longest cycling tunnel in the UK, over a mile long, supported by Sustrans. This tunnel is already responsible for death when it was a railway. The tunnel will be gated, and it's not clear whether there is any air. "Children love the thrill of tunnels" they say. It gives me a Pied Piper feeling. Sustrans logo is a square with a curvy arrow pointing upwards out of the square, I don't know what this has to do with bicycles.  

Sheep victims again...
The sheep I saw in Wales recently seemed to have earrings! Well not quite, they had a tag on each ear with numbers on. I couldn't see if the ear was pierced or they were clip ons. It made me wonder how the culture of wearing earrings came about. I often think of the sheep as several stages ahead of us in the being controlled process. So it's worth watching them. Maybe earrings once symbolised ownership, or whether or not you have been vaccinated with something, or impregnated, or given birth.  

Grimsby is just beyond Lincoln in alignment with the Fossaeway. Since it is likely that pilgrims walked the way, I suspect the name Grimsby is from pilgrim. Many of these ancient ways seem to have names along their route which include "grim". My feeling is that pilgrims walked along these routes which are often energy lines, in order to feel the energy and to keep it fixed on the route, a sort of reinforcement. The end of their journey would have been a gathering at an energy junction or node, most likely at the right time, an equinox or solstice. Right place right time. This practise would bring humans and earth into perfect harmony together. This is what we have lost.  

David and the daffodil...

I have just been to Wales, and learnt a few things there! The Welsh pronounce David more like Daffyd. That's daffodil! So you can see why St David is the patron saint of Wales and the daffodil is the related symbol to be worn. St David could be Star of David, and the daffodil is a yellow 6 pointed star. Haha, Israel exists in Wales too. And just to confirm, there is a town called Bethlehem on the edge of the Brecons.  

Curing souls...

The church of St David's has a current notice in legalese about all sorts of things, making it quite clear the Church operates under its own law in a language that no one else can understand. It mentions the responsibility to "cure the souls" of parishioners. The curate of a church cures souls, and the curator of a museum cures dead objects. And bacon is cured too. Bladuds pigs were cured when they bathed in the Hot Springs of Bath. "Cure" is a very interesting word and is to do with a lot more than just fixing an illness I think.  

How the light gets in...

This is the dubious name of a festival, sponsored by Club of Rome, the Norwegian Embassy, the BBC, and others. It's a festival of philosophy talks, Britains answer to TED, and seems to be designed to open up the minds of the young to allow in some programming. The marketing shows lots of young cool clever people listening, drinking and partying. Lots of parties, and every photo shows someone holding an alcoholic drink, because that's cool and clever. It's another Pied Piper. 

Two for One...

On the octagonal font in Llangattock Church are some strange symbols. On one side is three dice, a 2, a 4 and a 1. 241, a special offer at baptism perhaps? Other symbols include a t-shirt, the Chi Rho symbol, and a ladder. The ladder and the dice make me think of Snakes and Ladders! I have seen similar carvings on the octagonal war memorial in Taunton. So it seems that the dice seem to be linked with baptism as well as death, which is very curious. Die, dice, dice with death.  

George and the dragon...
I had forgotten that the flag of Wales is a big red dragon, a 4 toed one (5 toes is the most powerful). This puts a new twist on the George story, as George is England's saint. George slays the dragon. England slays Wales. Wales is no longer allowed Kings, and the Prince of Wales is appointed from the English Royalty. That's really rubbing their noses in it.  

Illuminati flame...
The flaming torch is all over the Brecons on every sign. It's the symbol of the National Park, a flame in a sort of upside down portcullis.  

Crowing cock...

The crowing cock adorns many churches. The cock has a crown. It's crowing. This reminds me that to own means you are owing. If you own someone or something, you owe. The money you have paid is an IOU note. If you own, you might also be crowing, crowing that you have persuaded someone to take some bits of paper in exchange for what they gave you. (Seehttp://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/the-queens-debt/and http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/why-i-need-money/)

The George planet...
The planet Uranus was originally named Georgium Sidus, the George Star, when it was "discovered" in Georgian Bath in 1781. Named after the King supposedly, but I think not. There is more to Georgian than we are led to believe. I wonder if the G symbol of Freemasonry refers to Georgian? It seems to me that King George was put in power so that everything could be openly labelled Georgian.  

The Iberian flag...

...is a red cross on white. Just like the English one. Iberia is where the country of Georgia now is. George is the patron saint of England. I wouldn't be surprised if the Royal Baby is named Georgia.  

White Horse names...

It only takes a tiny variation to get White House. (seat of power). Or White Hall. (seat of power). Or Whit.ney Hous.ton.(Illuminati controlled slave with a beautiful human talent). And in southern England, we have White Horses carved into the hillsides as sacred symbols. So what was Whitney's death about?  

The Circus film set...
The Circus in Bath is the same dimensions as Stonehenge. I have just found that it was originally built just as a facade, as if it was a film set (which it often is). People could then buy plots of land and build their own house behind the facade. So all the architects cared about in getting this important monument right, was the facade! That's because it's a Druidic circle, possibly a very sophisticated one. 

(See http://suliwrites.wordpress.com/2012/10/23/the-golden-circus/

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6 Responses to “Will Kate’s baby be called Georgia?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘How the Light Gets In’ festival is definitely worthy of further investigation…

    Lucifer is ‘the light bearer’ – the Club of Rome know all about that..!

    Btw, the Iberian Peninsula is where Spain and Portugal are…


  2. Anonymous says:

    124 and variations thereof relates to Jupiter. So many synchs in this piece … I had just read his post http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/the-paedofile-mass-grave-in-miami-stuns-the-us/

    I googled Dosier School for more info and the boys were allegedly taken to the ‘White House’ on the property to be beaten. They were called ‘White House Boys’.

  3. Chris Jones says:

    You’ve been busy traipsing around Wales Julia!

    David in Welsh is Dafydd (pronounced Davuhdd)or Dewi.Dewi Sant is what St David is in Welsh. St Davids in Pembrokeshire is one of the smallest citys in the world but is akin to the Vatican in Wales (without the mass corruption and pomp)St Davids Cathedral became a place of religious pilgrimage in the 12th Century, and its shrine was deemed so important by Pope Calixtus II that two pilgrimages to St Davids were seen,and is still seen, as equivalent to one to Rome and three equivalent to one to Jerusalem.

    ps-Celtic mythology tells that the dragon slains St George in the end!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Another story Exposed here first by TAP?

    The Lord McAlpines best artist buddy associate at last in prison.

    Lord McAlpine held a hoard of original child paintings by Graham Ovenden. The child sex abuse trial NOW proved GUILTY & imprisoned.

    but before he decided to sue tweeters etc he covertly sold off his prized collection for profit.

    Hope McAlpines next, Any dirt anybody?
    because now he must be billy no mates.

    help expose this cesspit from hell.



  5. Anonymous says:

    2 April 2013 Last updated at 15:29

    Artist Graham Ovenden guilty of indecency charges



  6. Julia says:

    Thanks for comments and links.
    I see 124 combinations around a lot, and I am linked to Jupiter by my name, month of birth and day of birth! I suspect it is related to the Jews, being Ju, Jew.
    Very interesting that pilgrimages have a rating system, a bit like the tourism star rating system. It sounds like pilgrimages have 1 2 or 3 stars. Jerusalem being worth 3 stars.
    I live in Bath and the VIA JULIA ROman road goes through Bath. I found out last week that it continues to St David’s in Wales! Bath Council has a sideways star of David as its symbol just to emphasise the connection. Presumably pilgrims would have travelled VIA JULIA to St David’s.

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