MMR vaccine fails to prevent measles outbreak in Wales

Media created panic driving people to injure their own children with the notorious MMR vaccine

Prompted by a comment from HETT

The measles outbreak in Wales indicates two things.  One is that the MMR is ineffective in stopping the disease.  85% of the population has supposedly been vaccinated, yet in places 100% of classes are being knocked over by the outbreak.

The measles virus hasn’t stood still.  According to some medical advisers talking unofficially, the virus has mutated and has now reached beyond the effect of the vaccine.

According to another health professional with years working in a children’s’ hospital,  if a child with symptoms has already been vaccinated, the illness is always diagnosed to the parents as not measles but something else, hiding the NHS’ embarrassment.

Likewise, if anyone’s child has a viral rash of any kind, this is invariably diagnosed as measles if the child hasn’t been vaccinated.  The parents are given a real telling off, and are thereby terrified into complying with NHS vaccine demands.

With the current outbreak crawling all over the TV screen, the NHS is in clover.   Yet they really ought to be keeping quiet.  A measles type illness is spreading despite their MMR vaccine having been taken up by about 85% of the population.  Hundreds of parents are instead believing the tosh being put about and are rushing to get vaccinated, the media loving every second.

If anyone stopped to think, it is quite clear already that the vaccine is useless, or the outbreak could not be happening.

In one Welsh school I know,  a whole class went down with the illness.  All recovered as you would expect after about 8-10 days.  Don’t tell me that none of these kids had been vaccinated.

(I am working on getting more detailed information, but tonight the teacher I know is not contactable)

To a person with normal health, measles is an unpleasant illness but presents no danger of permanent effects.  Everyone of our generation had measles and everyone always recovered.  It was never referred to as a life-threatening disease.

The media are overhyping the thing with talk of DANGER OF DEATH.  The only deaths are likely to come from children knocked over by the vaccine.  Many for certain will be made autistic by the vaccine within days, and will be brain crippled for life.

BBC – here going for it hyping the dangers of measles.   And not pointing out that if whole classes are going down, the vaccine is clearly useless against this outbreak

Death risk’ in Swansea measles outbreak

By Caroline Parkinson

Health editor, BBC News website

A large-scale outbreak of this kind was bound to happen.
There has been a surge of measles cases in Swansea and its surrounding areas.
The outbreak began in November, and there is no sign it will end soon.

Children who have not received the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) jab are most at risk.

(TAPnote she carefully does not say unvaccinated children are exclusively the ones at risk.  Yet how come?)

Dr Brendan Mason, an epidemiologist with Public Health Wales, said the problem was not with the current vaccination programme.

“For new mums, with children needing the jab at one year old, the vaccination rate is higher than it’s ever been at around 95%.
“But for really a decade, uptake rates were much lower than they needed to be – and so now there are many who are susceptible to measles.

TAPyet this outbreak is affecting all ages.

BBC – “At the start of this latest outbreak, there were around 7,000 children not fully immunised around Swansea.”

TAPNotice no one says how many children there are in the Swansea area – 40,000 up to 16 in the city alone.  The minority haven’t been vaccinated, it seems, around 15-20% – yet they are desperate to hide that fact, as it would prove the vaccine isn’t working.

Measles has mutated beyond the reach of the vaccine.  This picture shows a general body rash.  Measles of old had actual spots.  That’s the trouble with vaccines.  Viruses just bypass them.  There is no substitute for maintaining a healthy immune system.  Go and see a homeopath and an osteopath.  Keep away from the MMR which is a real threat to your child’s health.

MUmps are best caught young.  The MMR only delays the age of infection.  Mumps can sterilise an adult male but is harmless to kids.

See the queues and the panic generated by false media information about measles here


The media uses powerful PR tricks to condition you to accept vaccination

rates of deaths from measles UK 1940 to present day  –   the figures in the chart totally contradict the ones quoted by the BBC in the above article.

The BBC article states:

“Before the introduction of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination in 1988, about half a million children caught measles and about 100 died from it each year in the UK”.

Click through on the link just above and see for yourself that the figures given by the BBC are simply an outright lie.  Even if you add a figure for Scotland, the number catching measles and the number of deaths around 1988 were nowhere near the figures given by the BBC.  Are you beginning to get it yet?  The whole vaccination programme is a lie.

The primary effects of vaccines are to shorten human lives, lower IQ, increase allergies and autistic tendencies and to sterilise people.  That’s why Bill Gates says he intends world population to fall by 1.5 billion due to the effects of vaccination.  Don’t be had.  Wise up.  Vaccination’s a bloody con, and a lethal one to you and your families at that.  Why else are fertility rates diving across the medicated world?

People are noticing the effects of vaccines not surprisingly across the globe.  Sterilising, crippling and killing is only part of the story.

Minister admits measles vaccine doesn’t work

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33 Responses to “MMR vaccine fails to prevent measles outbreak in Wales”

  1. Anonymous says:

    RM Predicted Catastrophic Events for 2013

    Worth taking notice of?


  2. Chris Jones says:

    This is a great point-why take the vaccine if it doesn’t stop measles? Its great double speak – telling people they need to keep doing something even though it doesnt work

  3. Anonymous says:

    vaccine for measles!….what absolute and utter tosh!

    As you rightly say Tap, it’s an unpleasant illness for 8/10 days when much TLC and loads of calamine lotion are required but is actually a blessing in disguise since it causes the body to naturally produce anti-bodies which strengthen the immune system for the future.

    david turnbull

  4. Chris Jones says:

    Tap-this is a big story-this demosntrates for all intents and purposes that the MMR jab simple doesnt work…

  5. A10Sean says:

    Off topic … Was the national a fix ? Auroras return won … I only had a fiver on it .. Sean

  6. Anonymous says:

    Off topic .. Was the national a fix ? Auroras return won .. I got it at 100-1 … Sean

  7. Chris Jones says:

    The BBC article states:

    “Before the introduction of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination in 1988, about half a million children caught measles and about 100 died from it each year in the UK”

    Anyone know if this is true?

  8. Anonymous says:

    On the random adlib BBC Radio4 interview (yeh right) a concerned disturbed mother stated her child directed (asked) her to get her much needed desired wanted!! vaccine (so comforting media personalised by an uneducated child / so blind faith)


  9. Chris Jones says:

    Can’t yet find reports that 85%-100% of classes are being knocked over by the outbreak – any pointers would be appreciated, cheers

  10. Anonymous says:

    Still not a believer?

    Ian R Crane at the Open Mind Conference 2012, Skanderborg Denmark.

    His life has been on the line probably still is just so you can simply hear his words/message.

    so many other have died telling simply the truth.


  11. Anonymous says:

    It would be wise to study this: Gary McKinnon’s revelations to BBC: More proof of the UFO reality!


  12. Tapestry says:

    Someone I work with lives in Wales. His children all had the illness, and so did all their classmates. 100% infected.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Are the welsh the easiest/chosen? target for a viral test?

    is there a specific test that show the strain or source?

    could it be by design?

    Thankgod the old research has been discredited (BBC R4 news), come on in MMR. “123 so easy”


  14. Chris Jones says:

    I would hazard a guess that that would slightly change the professional claim that the MMR is 98% effective against measles then..

  15. anglosvizzera58 says:

    To Chris Jones – I wondered the same thing and found this table, which looks like official information:

    Can’t see how the BBC get their figures from this sort of data!!

  16. anglosvizzera58 says:

    PS – to Chris Jones, the table refers to the numbers of measles cases (reported) and deaths over the past years…..

  17. Chris Jones says:

    Waw-thanks for that anglosvizzera58

    The statements in the linked BBC article seems to be totally incorrect then

  18. Anonymous says:

    So is it becoming clear the The BBC are not a independent source of unbiased knowledge or news then?


  19. Chris Jones says:

    @Hett -not exactly a revelation i know but the BBC seem to have given up on any subtlety by now

  20. Chris Jones says:

    …any subtlety or pretence that is

  21. Anonymous says:

    But don’t they have direct access to all those approved, highly paid & regarded appointed & qualified specialists from high places with all the answers. so we will never have to worry.

    So disappointed (shaking head sorry banging head from side to side)


  22. Anonymous says:

    HRH Windsor

    We are not amused

  23. Anonymous says:

    Start with

    “Money is the root of all EVIL”

    & simply extrapolate.


  24. Anonymous says:

    The use of stats is “awsome”

    ratios or x % to trivialise

    Millions or Billions to dramatise

    did you see that Mr MSoft.

    i didn’t even need a computer for that!


    Changing the world with Bull-S has never been easier now everyone had a self financed debt degree even the mathematicians.

  25. Anonymous says:

    We should put a blue x on the people that have the vacs for future referance.remember the swine flu these vacs kill and injure people full stop.

  26. Stevej says:

    They should put an x on there fore head for future referance vacs kill and injure.remember swine flue.we have avery gulable public out there.

  27. Tapestry says:

    Telephone commenter.

    ‘They’ could develop viruses designed to prove their own vaccines, and introduce them into the community.

    It would not be the first time disease has been deliberately introduced by governments.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Yep, when proof that unvaccinated children can spread diseases and there a lot of unvaccinated children in South Wales (thanks Wakefield) you lot have to invent another conspiracy to cover the bullshit you was speaking before – you really are the reason children are getting sick (as is happening now) and children dying (only a matter of time)

  29. Tapestry says:

    The notion that not vaccinating endangers the vaccinated is comical. That suggests that the vaccination doesn’t protect anyway.

    The absolute certainty that 1 in a 100 will be permanently brain damaged by a vaccination program i.e. 400 children in Swansea alone, to the point of needing 24 care for life (let alone lesser damage) has to be weighed against the possibility that one child may be saved.

    So far no child has died, as if it had, the news would be blurting it out at every opportunity.

    In the opinion of many doctors in Wales, the viral illness that’s going around with rash is not measles. There are no spots, just blotchy skin.

  30. Anonymous says:

    As I understand it, the measles virus in the vaccinations are laboratory made, i.e. not the same as the original virus we oldies were used to getting as a matter of course in childhood. I had measles 50+ years ago and I was made to remain in a darkened room for 1 week as a precaution….etc.

    This outbreak in Wales is different. I have been trying to find out how many vaccinated children have contracted this illness (impossible!! it’s all suppressed!). My suspicions are that this ‘manufactured’ virus has ‘mutated’ in exactly the same way as the antibiotics have. A sad truth. Poor little children.

    I don’t want to enter into any discussions, only to point this out as a matter of a ‘comment’. There are better informed people out there.

  31. Anonymous says:

    My mum took me to measles party back in the 1960s, it was just considered a nuisance to be got out the way.
    Measles is not dangerous in healthy children, treat with hydration, vitamin A and losts of rest in a darkened room. Avoid Paracetomol and Ibuprofren as fever is the bodies way of combating the virus.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Considering measles is spread by droplets which are breathed in… what makes anybody in their right mind assume adequate protection can be obtained with an injection? It’s the wrong pathway, so no proper immunisation will occur.

  33. Tapestry says:

    I got confirmation that vaccinated kids are going down with the measles from a parent at the school. Nice that Lord Howe admits as much in Parliament. Where’s the media climbdown by the vaccinators?

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