Vicky Haigh jailed again

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Vicky’s jailed again in Peterborough, don’t know what for though, maybe she has accused all of the English establishment as being child traffikers?

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  1. Any details on tis yet?
    Bit like the Robert Green and the Hollie Greig, very suspicious

  2. Tapestry says:

    No confirmation received. I didn’t email her which I could do, but how would she reply if she’s in the slammer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not sure why you continue to support this individual,don’t recall you to prison for no reason
    Guess this won’t get published

  4. Anonymous says:

    oh yes they do. Many people get banged up just to silence them – thanks to endemic corruption in Britain’s “secret courts” – which operate in most sectors and particularly the Family court. It’s all about turning kids into a commodity to generate cash at the taxpayers expense, for the county councils – this racketeering is currently approaching £2 billion a year. Check out the UK Column interviews.

    In the Haigh Case, wasn’t there was a “restricted” police report which never got looked at by the court, which showed that the child’s father groomed & sexually abused her?

    Isn’t it interesting that the kid’s dad has a brother who is a police officer in the local Force where all this corruption stems from – who maybe got him off???


  5. Anonymous says:

    all lies are evil and the biggest lie of all is the Family Court and what goes on inside there.

    If the entire Family Court wasn’t evil and twisted, then they would keep actual RECORDS of cases – but they do not. County councils forge “orders” up and down the country, to falsify results and release thousands of pounds a week from the Public Purse to pay for these fraudulent “care orders” put on innocent kids – who’ve been turned into commodities by the corrupt State.

    Bent coppers merely exacerbate the already huge problem of bent judges and the father of Vicky H’s elder daughter was aided & abetted by his bent policeman brother: that is what really got her sent to prison, not anything she said. She was royally stitched up, as only a few savvy people can see

  6. Anonymous says:

    These type of blogs just run away with gossip, read Judge Robert Shaws judgement 29/01/2010, not only did Ms. Haigh deny the accusation, but her partner was deemed the “main coacher”…Judge Robert Shaw said “I am satisfied that when at the court hearing on 11 July 2008, she told the court that she accepted that father ahd NOT sexually abused X”
    I have spoken to many people who know the couple and the information was not good to say the least..

  7. Tapestry says:

    Haigh is jailed again. Is that gossip?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The fact is that she and her partner coached X, Ms. Haigh took the punishment, he just hovered like a coward in the background. Good at mixing truth with lies, She thought that she would achieve a massive compensation claim against Doncaster,The Courts and Police, and btw, how do you come up with the Freemason angle, you will have lots of people frightened to death before you have finished, you are no better than the alien conspirators, read the facts of the case! X was never hysterical with Mr.Tune, only with Ms. Haigh. She is now purporting a new conspiracy in jail, the truth will eventually come out about her and her dastersley deeds along with her partner and his escapades. You and this blog and others are leading ordinary people to believe that all Judges, Police and Social Workers are in a Pedo ring and child snatching for gain…absolute rubbish!

  9. Anonymous says:

    and to finish 🙂
    I abhor hurt, I abhor deception, I abhor corruption to any fellow human being and have done so since my brain (at 15) took on another medium THAT WAS and IS very far from from my limited secondary educational brainwashing, that medium is called logic & gut feeling. Gut feeling has been the main “event” in my life so far, she has served me well:) , I have read many of the “out of the box” therories, listened to many professors with their “ET AL” way of promoting “A Therory Of CONFUSION”. The world rides on theory whilst the “funders of the ET Al” go to POLO and PLAY THE STOCKMARKETS :)….Here I go. In the 90’s I discovered another “ET Al” group, they are called the “Conspiracy Therorists”, no different from the ELITE funded “ET AL” group, both deliver information that has no “FOUNDATION”, whist in the real world most people go about there lives, looking after family, shopping, hoildays etc, and this works very well, apart from the odd hickup with the bank or cowboy builder. What has this to do with Ms. Haigh and her partner?
    Of course it’s about money, Ms. Haigh (and partner)just want a piece of the action, as they are fully aware of the “monies available within corruption”, just ask her about her racing life and her moves with her partner on “gaining money at all costs:)”
    As for Freemasons, I am not a fan, I don’t get involved with any group that is not “ON THE SURFACE” of “NOT SQUARE” or “NOT LEVEL”.
    So to finish 🙂 I keep mysel to myself, look after my family and pay my bills as so…
    Keep out of the black and into the red, you don’t get nothing in this life for two in the bed (unless you are happily married and happy with your LOT )…btw….if all are TRAFFIKING and PARTYING and PEDOS, how do they get away with it?
    Lambs and Daffodils don’t make you RICH! xxx

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anon above, please read this carefully

  11. hope she ok, i fucking hate social workers and jail dont scare me ,social worker are the guilty and the lie in court they stole my grandbaburs and the fucked wi wrong mama ,tmsw want putting fuckin down

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