Vicky Haigh back in jail – tricked by her Ex

Sabine K McNeill said…
I only know what goes on in Holloway regarding mums and in Pentonville regarding Dads. Dickensian is an understatement.

Clearly the ‘law enforcement’ is into DENY and LIE – just as ‘the law’, i.e. the Judiciary is. Committing crimes to cover up crimes is commonplace. #childsnatchbritain leads to #paedobritain. Please join the dots!

Helping individuals is as difficult as changing ‘the system’.

Web publicity is our only hope. I invited Baroness Corston to our meeting in Westminster, but she is overwhelmed with emails and requests…

“Perfidious Albion” is the best explanation of what’s going on. But hardly a consolation…

Here’s the info I had: “Vicky Haigh has been arrested – set up by her Ex who got his neighbour’s daughter to approach her, while out with her new partner in a pub – with info about her and then shopped her to Probation.”

With deep sighs and big hopes,
Victims Unite!
Punishment without Crime

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