Vaccinators are losing the information war

With Bill Gates at the head of the world vaccination programme, saying he intends to cut population growth by 1.5 billion people in ten years by means of vaccination, is it any wonder to find that educated and wealthy people are turning away from being on the receiving end of his campaign?

Engendering fear used to be the primary methods used to drive people to impale their children on needles of poison, but as the public becomes aware of things like surging rates of sterility, autism and diabetes, the fear game is working the other way.  Vaccination is suspect number one for ruining the lives of millions of people, who once trusted their health services.

The vaccinators are losing the fear game, and are now resorting to other methods, namedly compulsion and threat.  The public are not dumb, and will immediately realise that if a programme has to be compulsory, there is a very high chance that it is not beneficial to their children’s health.  In fact the whole thing is just one enormous money-making scam, with the clearly intended side effect of reducing population.

Here we find the Australian health service starting to flip over from fear generation to threat issuance.  Very similar things are happening all over the western world.  I wouldn’t put it past them even attempting to spread viruses around in the hope of making the unvaccinated contract actual diseases.  They seem to be starting with measles in various parts of the world simultaneously.


Unvaccinated children should be held back from school and groups spreading anti-vaccination messages should be punished, according to the federal president of the Australian Medical Association.

Dr Steve Hambleton said a report released on Thursday detailing national immunisation rates raised concerns about parents in certain areas not following vaccination guidelines.
”We should certainly make it difficult for [unvaccinated] children to get to school,” said Steve Hambleton, responding to new national statistics on immunisation rates.
”And we should certainly have plans available to send all those children home if there are outbreaks.”
It is well known that fewer people are vaccinated in poorer neighbourhoods but Dr Hambleton said that ”perversely” the data revealed there had been a reduction in vaccination rates in wealthier suburbs.
”These are parents who have got information, good information available and yet they are not vaccinating their children,” Dr Hambleton said.
There is also a worrying undercurrent of vaccine objectors who believe conspiracy websites and reject public health guidelines.
These vaccine objectors ”should be ashamed of themselves” for spreading misinformation and should be sanctioned, Dr Hambleton said.
”We need to look at the groups providing those anti-vaccination messages and we need to make sure we stop them . . . They are putting the community in danger.”
Some of Sydney’s wealthiest areas have such low immunisation rates experts fear children could be at risk from deadly but preventable diseases, according the report, Healthy Communities: Immunisation rates for children in 2011-12, released on Thursday by the National Health Performance Authority.
The prestigious northern and eastern suburbs, Manly and inner Sydney are four of the nine NSW local areas listed by the National Health Performance Authority as being ”at risk” of outbreaks because of low vaccination rates.
Dr Hambleton is also concerned about ”pockets” in inner city Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and said it was ”no coincidence” that there had been outbreaks of measles in northern NSW and south-east Queensland.

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Bill Gates Buys Positive Press Spin on Vaccines, GMO’s (Hidden Agenda)

Selling operating systems called ‘Windows’ has obviously funded the eugenics agenda. He’s just like his daddy:


(NaturalNews) After it was exposed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the philanthropic brainchild of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, purchased 500,000 shares in Monsanto back in 2010 valued at more than $23 million, it became abundantly clear that this so-called benevolent charity is up to something other than eradicating disease and feeding the world’s poor ( It turns out that the Gates family legacy has long been one of trying to dominate and control the world’s systems, including in the areas of technology, medicine, and now agriculture.

The Gates Foundation, aka the tax-exempt Gates Family Trust, is currently in the process of spending billions of dollars in the name of humanitarianism to establish a global food monopoly dominated by genetically-modified (GM) crops and seeds. And based on the Gates family’s history of involvement in world affairs, it appears that one of its main goals besides simply establishing corporate control of the world’s food supply is to reduce the world’s population by a significant amount in the process.

William H. Gates Sr., former head of eugenics group Planned Parenthood

Bill Gates’ father, William H. Gates Sr., has long been involved with the eugenics group Planned Parenthood, a rebranded organization birthed out of the American Eugenics Society. In a 2003 interview with PBS‘ Bill Moyers, Bill Gates admitted that his father used to be the head of Planned Parenthood, which was founded on the concept that most human beings are just “reckless breeders” and “human weeds” in need of culling (

Gates also admitted during the interview that his family’s involvement in reproductive issues throughout the years has been extensive, referencing his own prior adherence to the beliefs of eugenicist Thomas Robert Malthus, who believed that populations of the world need to be controlled through reproductive restrictions. Though Gates claims he now holds a different view, it appears as though his foundation’s initiatives are just a modified Malthusian approach that much more discreetly reduces populations through vaccines and GMOs (

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4 Responses to “Vaccinators are losing the information war”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bill Gates Buys Positive Press Spin on Vaccines, GMO’s (Hidden Agenda)

    Selling operating systems called ‘Windows’ has obviously funded the eugenics agenda. He’s just like his daddy:

  2. Paul says:

    I and all of my class at school in the 70’s caught measles and mumps at some point or another, as well as chicken pox and many other bugs I would suppose, but no one died at all and we were all fine after a couple of weeks. Lots of lotion and been pink watching a black and white TV and Education programmes on BBC2 hehe.

    What they are pushing is pure hype and fear mongering, if vaccines gave immunity why do you need boosters, if it gave immunity why would they be bothered about people not having vaccinations if they had. Why are they treating people like a herd instead of human beings with inalienable human rights?

    Once you start doing research into vaccines the lies soon start to unravel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I spent over 10 years in government, was a trade union steward, have been up against the court service, the ministry of justice, the employment tribunal, the appeals servivce, the ombudsmans and all their complaint procedures. Like an earlier post suggsted once you get above the basic levels you hit corruption and that is true in all of these services as I also find with the police and large law firms.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s like Tetanus injections.

    I got bit by a dog a few years ago.

    Went to casualty and even the doctor said you don’t need the vaccination again.. ”the booster” as they call it.

    Bill and Melinda Gates pushing their vaccination/eugenics agenda agenda:

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