The EU needs its throat cut

A Mote in Brussels’ Eye is now available from eBook sources

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First reviews:
A Mote in Brussels’ Eye is a ‘must’. It will also be an important source for all future writers and historians describing attempts to unite Europe as Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler all did before the EU. Very interesting and revealing, and he writes well.

Penetrating and hilarious at the same time. No wonder the bureaucrats hated him.

The only sane conclusion from this book is that the EU is a criminal organisation even more powerful and ruthless than the mafia. Worse, it has succeeded in cloaking itself in a pseudo-legitimacy maintained by intimidation.

Surely power without responsibility is the hallmark of the whore. This book has finally convinced me the EU is dangerous, out of control and needs its throat cut.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    In German – and I speak German as my second language – but it’s subtitled:

    … pretty accurate summarisation of the state of play in geopolitics.

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