Tate Gallery removes Ovenden indecent pictures


Re the Lord McAlpines best artist buddy associate at last soon in prison.

Tate art gallery shamefully remove x34 ovendon peado who specialised in pre pubecent girls art

4 April 2013 Last updated at 11:36 

Graham Ovenden sex crimes: Tate removes artist’s work

Graham Ovenden’s work has been widely shown over the past 40 years

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Prints by the artist Graham Ovenden have been removed from the Tate’s online collection following his conviction for child sex offences.

Ovenden was found guilty at Truro Crown Court on Tuesday of six counts of indecency and one of indecent assault against girls in the 1970s and 80s. 

A Tate spokeswoman said the gallery was “reviewing the online presentation” of the 34 prints.

Ovenden, 70, is on bail soon to be sentenced




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4 Responses to “Tate Gallery removes Ovenden indecent pictures”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is McAlpine expose NEXT?

    Lord McAlpine’s “recent OVENDEN collection”. Held his prized hoard of original now confirmed deviant child porn paintings by the infamous deviant Graham Ovenden. The child sex abuse trial NOW proved GUILTY & iminently imprisoned.

    But before he decided to sue tweeters etc he covertly sold off his beloved collection for profit.

    Hope McAlpines next, Any dirt anybody?
    because now he must be billy no mates.

    help expose this cesspit from hell.



  2. It is so obvious that the macalpine stunt was just that.
    I think he should give the money back that he swindled out of the bbc and itv.
    Go’s to show that if you have friends in the right places you can do whatever the fuck they like.

    Think the collection should be burnt in tribute to his victims


  3. Anonymous says:

    Andrew Llewellyn you are so right.so very astute sir & so eloquently put.

    But some more food for thought for you though:-

    Lord McAlpine in his own damning words – The New Machiavelli?

    Sunday Nov 2012

    Posted by Tom Pride in hopeless naivety

    class, crime, open government, Tories (no – not satire)

    This is interesting.

    Back in 2000, Lord McAlpine wrote a book about how to manipulate people in politics.

    It was called :- ‘The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business – a guide on how to succeed in modern politics‘

    The most interesting part is Lord McAlpine’s advice on dealing with the media.

    Here’s a direct quote from him on that:

    “Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.”

    I’m not suggesting that Lord McAlpine has been taking his own advice on how to deal with the media – not least because that might end up with me receiving a court writ from his lawyers.

    But if I were to receive a court writ from his lawyers – it would surely have nothing to do with any damage he might have caused to his own reputation as a result of me quoting his own words from his own book in this article – and everything to do with trying to shut me up.

    Wouldn’t it?



    any more opinions?

  4. I seem to remember that the Tate Modern has been forced to remove paedo pics before.

    05 APR 2013
    I read, a few years ago, that they were displaying a totally nude and highly sexually provocative photo of Brooke Shields. The photo was taken when she was 10 years old!

    Maybe TPTB are trying to turn all adults in to paedos, using reverse psychology?


    Maybe this is why the corporate media is constantly full of paedo stories and convictions – and then at the some time music videos and films, and sometimes TV, showing sexualised images of young men and women.

    There’s a film for hire at my local library called 13. Do a search for the DVD cover, you’ll see just what I mean…

    I have wondered if the same also is true for anorexia nervosa – the constant banging-on about this condition to young women and girls – and then media induced obsession with weight, fat, looks, image, style, zero-size models, ‘heroin-chic’ etc.

    How dangerous for young girls to be immersed in this mode of thinking. Young people are unceasingly blasted with this poison.

    Could reverse psychology be a weapon here, as well?

    Also, there’s the problem of porn. How many marriages and relationships have ended, because of porn? It undoubtedly awakens shocking desires the user.

    The recent case in India, of the gang-rape and murder of a young women on a bus, comes to mind. I can’t recall any mention of the killers being users of porn – but I’d bet anything that they were heavy porn users and that they had progressed on the very violent material.

    Porn used to be mentioned on connection with sexual crimes – but not any more. I wonder why? Could it be because TPTB are openly promoting the use of porn? The UN promote the use of porn.

    I have also read that when kids go online and search for characters from kids TV programmes, i.e. ‘Dora the Explorer’, this search will bring up porn links in the results, deliberately put there. Why else would a porn website use this as a key search word, so that their website will be found?

    And nowadays we have snow-blizzards in London in April! It must be the end of the world soon…and then we will all have to answer before God for all that we have done…I hope God properly nails these bastards !

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