Stop smart meters to appear at select committee 10 am tomorrow

paul sends to The Tap –

Following our submission in February to the Commons Energy & Climate Change Select Committee’s review of the planned Smart Meter roll-out, two representatives from Stop Smart Meters!(UK) have been invited to give evidence in person at the Palace of Westminster tomorrow.  We are pleased to be given this opportunity to state our case and respond to questions from a panel of MP’s about our reasons for opposing the UK’s planned Smart Meter roll-out.
We are scheduled to appear at 10am sharp (23 April 2013) – at the same time as representatives from Public Health England (formerly the Health Protection Agency) and BEPAG (the IET’s Biological Effects Policy Advisory Group).
Select Committees are broadcast live on the BBC Democracy Live website, and may also be shown on the BBC’s Parliamentary channel on TV
Please wish us luck and tell all of your friends and families to tune in!

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    Mike and Liz know their stuff


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