Serbia remembers the carnage of Blair’s air raids

Today is the day that 3 year old girl died from a cluster bomb landing on her house in Belgrade.  Her parents have never repaired the family home as a reminder of the terrible loss they suffered.  The house has become a focal point for remembering the suffering of the Serbian population during Blair’s air raids.

Jill Dando was killed by the Serbs on April 26th 1999 in retaliation for Blair authorising the air strike on Serbia’s main TV station, which killed a top news presenter.  Dando died three days after the strike.  People in Britain have never been told why she died.  Search Jill Dando on The Tap.

Anniversary of death of 3-year-old victim of NATO bombing


BELGRADE — Today marks 14 years since the death on April 17, 1999, of three-year-old Milica Rakić, killed during a NATO air raid.

The child was fatally injured in the bathroom of her home, when a shrapnel from a cluster bomb hit her in the head.
The apartment building where her family lives is located some six kilometers from the military airport in the Belgrade suburb of Batajnica.

The traces of the damage done by the bomb are still visible on the facade around the bathroom window. The family decided not to repair the wall, as a reminder of the horrific crime.

The toddler’s death became the symbol of the suffering of the Serbian people during the war that NATO waged against the country in the spring of 1999.

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  1. Road_Hog says:

    The whole former Yugoslavia war was a complete cover up by the West. Unfortunately at that time, the internet was still in its infancy and we didn’t know the real truth at the time.

    One issue that came out a few years ago, that always amused me was, back during the war, the Americans ‘accidentally’ bombed the Chinese embassy, which was nowhere near the fighting.

    Then it came out about 4 or 5 years ago, that an American stealth fighter/bomber had been downed in Serbia and that the Serbians had sold the wreckage to the Chinese, which is why the embassy got bombed.

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