Secret courts are masonic star chambers

Gerrish  ‘The judges in the Family Courts are often child abusers themselves’.

The secret courts being reintroduced again are actually masonic ‘star chambers’. Think the inverted 5 point star of Baphomet with regards to layout of the premises. Evil [re]incarnate.

They were mostly outlawed by that common sense thing called ‘Due Process’ (not that Due Process is perfect). Nut-jobs like Ken Clarke (who has no real job title, yet is still on the Bilderberg/globalist/bankster payroll) have pushed these secret courts back into the forefront.

Think what you will:

And ‘parliament’ is just another smokescreen/puppet show for the globalist/TPTB agenda:

You have to wonder why Cameron (or any prime minister of whatever political persuasion) gets out of bed in the morning when the totally corrupt EU is already running the political show. 

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  1. Anonymous says:


    A song writer well before his time

    he should be DEAD. now 85!!!

    a few hits? you will know??

    hopefully it will be on listen again



    Tom Lehrer turns 85 on April 9th 2013. He rarely speaks in public but, as we celebrate his birthday, he reflects on the songs that made him a world famous comedy name.

    Featuring songs such as The Vatican Rag, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park and Be Prepared, together with contributions from Cameron Mackintosh, Harry Shearer, Randy Newman and Stephen Sondheim.

    Presented by Ellin Stein and Produced by Clive Brill.
    A Pacificus production for BBC Radio 4

  2. Anonymous says:

    Garrish only gets better.

    3 years ago! christ!!!!

    Brian Gerrish Feb 2010 Part 1 of 9 – Child Stealing by the State


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the typo Mr Gerrish

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