Scapegoat scientist sent to jail

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A scientist carrying out research on an experimental drugs has become the first person in Britain to be jailed for falsifying results.

This article run by The Telegraph this morning just doesn’t ring true in the sense that it is common knowledge that data manipulation throughout the pharmaceutical industry in favour of whatever company that is paying for the research is common place.
My gut feeling is that Steven Eaton a researcher for US pharmaceutical firm Aptuit has been framed probably for questioning the truth of other matters relating to pharmaceutical research. That is how the world works. If you don’t tow their line, your’e out.

Three months in Jail is not the sentence. The real sentence is that the chap has lost his job and pension rights, branded a liar and a criminal were in fact the true criminals are big-pharma.


Eaton, from Cambridgeshire, had been working on preclinical trials in animals to assess the efficacy of new treatments on behalf of several major drug companies, including AstraZeneca and Roche. 
Aptuit had been carrying out the work on their behalf.
Such tests are carried out to help determine what doses of a drug can be given at safely and to screen for any potentially harmful side effects.
Over a six-year period between 2003 and 2009, however, Eaton selectively reported data he was using to assess the concentration of a drug in blood samples.
This ensured that experiments were deemed to be successful even when they had in fact failed.
Eaton’s actions could have persuaded his bosses that the drugs were suitable for use in trials with patients.
But his scam was detected when Aptuit spotted irregularities in his analysis results.
They then alerted the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) who conducted an investigation into the results.
Aptuit stopped work on Eaton’s projects and the drugs were not given to patients until further testing had been carried out, the MHRA said.
The MHRA reviewed hundreds of drugs that had been tested by Aptuit as part of a two-year investigation in order to check their safety
Jim Stephenson, the defence solicitor advocate representing Eaton, said his client had been under a lot of pressure at the time and had been having trouble with his personal life.
He said that Eaton had not gained financially but the court was offered no motive for why Eaton had manipulated the data.
Gerald Heddell, director of inspection enforcement and standards at the MHRA, said that Eaton’s actions had delayed the development of several medicines, including one to treat depression.
TAP – maybe he was accepting payments from the drug-sellers to falsify data.  Who knows?  
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