Public not to be told the identities of people arrested

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ACPO – the PRIVATE CORPORATION – intends to prevent the public from knowing the identities of people that are arrested:
Follows on from the Leveson Report (a Common Purpose/Establishment stitch-up).


“Under the new guidance, to be circulated by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), forces will be banned from confirming the names of suspects, even when journalists know the identity of someone who has been arrested.

“Without official police confirmation, the legal risks of incorrect identification will prevent the media from publishing the names of suspects.

“The police plan for ‘secret arrests’ is being opposed by the Government’s own adviser on law reform, the Law Commission, which believes it is in the interests of justice that the police release the names of everyone who is arrested, except in very exceptional circumstances.”

ACPO summary:

“What is the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)? It is a private company, financed by UK taxpayers, immune from freedom of information requests. It dictates police operations and sells police national computer data. It may also be engaged in covert domestic surveillance of what it deems as extremists: antiwar protesters, strikers, and others. According to an ACPO spokesperson ‘there doesn’t seem to be a single, commonly agreed definition.'”

ACPO & Law Society “Memorandum of Understanding” – a protection document for the “Legal Mafia”:


4. Exchange of Information

The Law Society (including the OSS) will provide to a police force, so far as is practicable and in accordance with the procedure set out below, any indication or evidence of a crime committed by a solicitor or employee. The police will, so far as is practicable and in accordance with the procedure, pass to the Law Society indications of crime, malpractice and/or professional misconduct committed by a solicitor or employee or intelligence relating to such matters.

The objective is to enable both parties to make a considered decision as to what further action may be taken through disciplinary, regulatory or criminal procedures, and what further co-operation may be required or desirable.

Check the weasel words: “so far as is practicable“… “what further action may be taken”…, “what further co-operation may be required or desirable“.

I.e., if it’s not “practicable” or “desirable” then no “further action may be taken”.

ACPO, The Paedo and Corrupt Lawyer/Judge Protectors:

“ACPO are the Association of Police Officers responsible for the failure of British police to use their powers to NAIL the BBC’s predatory paedophile, the knighted Jimmy Savile. ACPO run by freemasons at the top and who are overseen by the Queen’s Lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent ensure that ALL crown lackeys serving the richest despot are protected from the laws that the peasants are hammered for at every opportunity.”

ACPO’s policy on freemasons in the police can be summarised as “We don’t ask, they don’t tell”. (See also

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