psychopaths masquerading as human beings

  Hidden camera footage of a state child stealing operation here:- 

This is one of the most distressing and disturbing scenes I have ever seen. ‘Common Purpose’ is at the root of this, the psychopaths masquerading as human beings that do this ‘work’ are, by and large, divested of their humanity by means of neuro-linguistic programming by trainers, who are now embedded in all government departments. 

Public exposure is the only thing these scum fear, the participants in this savagery need identifying in their own communities, and vilifying everywhere they go. 

From a lamp-post, with piano-wire for preference.


Today comes a comment from Vicky Haigh

Hi Tap
I thought that your followers might like to read the article where Micheal Gove has some pretty damning things to say against Doncaster children’s services.
I think it goes without saying, it is the same council, that tried (and failed miserably [and publically]) to imprison me secretly, for airing my grievances in Parliament, something that as a British woman, living in a democratic country, is more than permitted to do, rising above oppressive orders of the court. The fact that at the time I was in my third trimester, with my baby due in less than eight weeks, left John Hemming MP appalled at their totally unlawful actions which went against the constitution, so much so that he used Parliamentary Privilege to name me and Doncaster Council.
Anyway getting back to the point, as many of your followers know of my story, the fact that I want to comment on, is the sourcing of staff at Doncaster children’s services.
The ones that I have had (brief) association with are short term agency workers, appointed or should I say “drafted in and then drafted out”, mainly on 3 months contracts, to cause mayhem to families, then “disappear” into thin air. Try and trace these people who write these reports, submitted to court is like trying to find Lord Lucan!
What business in any industry would be successful with this absence of continuity, (apart from corrupt ones), who want the trail of accountability to be as confusing as possible?
No other industry would get away with it, as the ministry responsible would shut them down immediately. I am not talking about unhygenic restaurants, dodgy car mechanics, no I am talking about our state childcare, publically funded “child protection system”. Quite frankly I would not allow Doncaster social services to look after my dog, never mind my own child.
Unfortunately for me and my eldest child, this is exactly the situation that I find myself in, sharing parental responsibility with a children’s services who could not protect the 7 dead children that were assigned to them in recent years.
I can only hope God steps in and assists in the most abominable and chaotic organisation that I have ever seen in my life.
I have publically stated that “no child is safe” in the UK, which I stand by this very day.
Very warmest wishes
Vicky Haigh
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