Primary school kids bone up on The Holocaust and Environmental Issues

I recently inherited some primary school teaching materials which included an expensively produced “teaching pack for primary schools” called “The Holocaust” including video, floppy disc and 50 page bound report ref: ISBN 1 85955 744 9.

Jim Stone hit upon a very valid point; it isn’t simply an anti-Jew issue for most of us are embrace Jews like Aaron Russo, Henry Makow and others. The issue is about ideologies just as the Nazi’s had ideologies which did not accord with loving thy neighbour.

I also inherited a paper “Issues in Environmental Studies – Global citizenship through geography”. 

What this really means is acceptance and thereby submission to corporate global governance. What hypocrisy when our government issues such materials while attacking foreign countries (I mean global geography) decimating their civilian populations (sorry other global citizens). If that is global citizenship then what respect do our leaders have for their own citizens? I can tell you from much first hand experience: None. 

This Geo-engineering awareness video demonstrates the urgency that is required to inform our children of the true nature of Global Citizenship or rather the coming New World Order and the plan to murder the vast majority of the population their being surplus to the perceived servant collective.

It never ceases to amaze me how the crooks in authority never seem to comply with the rules, their being minded that, by being in said position, they decide whether the rules should be applied or not – the term is expediency. 

And if it were true they need to halt an ice melt, go spray a protective blanket over the poles where the ice is and leave us alone. My understanding is that the chemtrailing is primarily being used now to undermine crop production and will encourage such a melting, perhaps to expose new oil and gas fields.


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  1. salty says:

    Oscars – Holocaust wins, anti-war movie lose

    Posted on March 14, 2016.

    • ian says:

      Most people still won’t even discuss the holocaust. While we in Britain, don’t have Holocaust denial laws “Yet”, we do have incitement laws, and at about the same time as Theresa May was wandering around Paris with her Je suis Charlie, and her Je suis Jeuf placards, two British lads were jailed for producing a Holocaust comic. It had a spirit from the future giving Anne Frank a biro to write her diary and such like things. Over 70 million died inWW2, yet only the jews from the labour camps count.

      • salty says:

        Anne Frank Diary

        Meyer Levin’s role in a 1952 New York Supreme Court case:


        And yet only seven years after its initial publication, a New York Supreme Court case established that the book was a hoax.


        It established that the Jewish novelist Meyer Levin had written the dialogue of the “diary” and was demanding payment for his work in a court action against Otto Frank.


        Any informed literary inspection of this book would have shown it to have been impossible as the work of a teenager.” A noteworthy decision of the New York Supreme Court confirms this point of view, in that the well known American Jewish writer, Meyer Levin, has been awarded $50,000 to be paid him by the father of Anne Frank as an honorarium for Levin’s work on the Anne Frank Diary.”

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