Politicians all know about chemtrails. Why don’t they talk about them?

Chemtrails/aerosol clouds are thicker than they ever were.  As soon as blue sky appears, it is sprayed over with white lines of aerosoled aluminium, barium and whatever else is considered suitable material for depriving life on earth of sunlight.

The effect of removing Vitamin D from our bodies, combined with poisoning the ground and cooling the climate, in combination, will be felt in our health.  As Fukushima spews radioactive isotopes around the planet, life on earth will become progressively less feasible.  Anybody would think there was a depopulation agenda in process.

Rainwater must be regarded as toxic – that’s how and when all this material arrives at ground level.  Sunlight should be seen as a golden opportunity to get some rays, whenever you can do so.

Filter all your water – properly – down to half a micron.  Eat organic locally grown food whenever you can, and tell everyone you meet to look up and recognise that the trails following the planes overhead change gradually into the clouds that are blocking out our sunlight.

Once everybody knows, it will become impossible for politicians to pretend any longer that they don’t know what is going on.  They know full well.  They are just waiting for us to make it look stupid not to be discussing them, instead of them making people feel foolish for discussing them.  Talk could save our lives, so talk.

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11 Responses to “Politicians all know about chemtrails. Why don’t they talk about them?”

  1. It was a lovely day in bristol today, they tried to spray and there were loads of lines that just expanded but the sun got through for most of the day.

  2. Road_Hog says:

    Sorry Tap, chemtrails are one thing I just don’t get.

    First off, they would effect everybody, not just the proles that they want to work for pennies an hour.

    Secondly, I’m fairly technically minded and I do see how on Earth they could fill up separate tanks on air planes without ground staff and flight staff knowing about it. I read forums like pprune.org where this comes up occasionally and nobody ever agrees with it and I can’t believe that every pilot is in on the conspiracy.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Road Hog, do you know every detail of how your car engine works? Or electricity. Yet you know it’s there.

  4. Road_Hog says:


    Yep, I’m pretty good on both how engines work, as I worked for a car manufacturer that also made small industrial engines and I’ve spent a fair time taking them apart and putting them back together on a workbench.

    I’ve also had a keen interest in electronics since I was a kid and my desk currently has soldering iron on one side of the desk and a load of electronic components on the other.

    So from a technical point of view, I have a good idea of what is required and how people would need to be involved, and nobody ever comes forward and says yes, I was a pilot I pushed the switch or I was on maintenance and I used to fill it up with the chemicals.

    But there is also the understanding behind something like this. Sure, poison the water supply with fluoride and only drink bottled/filtered water. But if you poison the sky, you can’t avoid it yourself, so it seems a bit self defeating.

    And back to the people who operate, fuel or maintain the planes, some would have to know what was happening and why have no whistleblowers come forward?

  5. Hi Road hog…
    The govt have experimented on us for decades ( chemical weapons tests in the 40’s and 50’s. Nuke tests etc.) So don’t look for any sense to what’s going on.

    There are regular whistle blowers from the aviation industry but you have to search for them as there’s a total block on chemtrail stories in the msm.

    Here’s a couple….

    ex USAF sergeant…


    civilian airline engineer…


    You will wait until hell freezes over if you rely on the msm to give you these stories.

    keep looking up

  6. Tapestry says:

    My experience of technically capable people is that the human side of business/life is a total puzzle to them.

  7. C Sharp says:

    There are multiple reasons for why the elites are employing chemtrails. For a more “right-brain” analysis have a look at Ian R Crane NZ lecture from Nov of last year (part 4 on youtube). One thing I do believe is that they are years ahead of what we know to be technically possible.

  8. Road_Hog says:


    Yes I would agree with you in the main, that people who work in technical type jobs lack social and interpersonal skills, they particularly want to be in jobs that don’t involve dealing with the public.

    My background is sales & marketing, but I’ve always wanted to understand the product I was selling, so I found it useful to do the technical training.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @tap, @roadhog: check out suspicious0bservers channel on youtube. he will show you in a daily 3minute update exactly why we’re being sprayed.

  10. Julia says:

    Tap, I think that’s a really good point about the politicians. They are basically mostly there to look after their own egos, and few will speak out if they think they will look ridiculous. Politicians are also our servants, and if you see what the majority want, they don’t actually want politicians discussing chemtrails. (Though the majority are in that position due to being manipulated, but that’s another issue. )

    I think you are right. If chemtrails get to a point where it is not ridiculous to discuss them, the politicians will soon join in. Whether the involvement of politicians will help us or hinder is another matter though !

    I personally think we still have to look within ourselves to see our own part in it all, to find the solution. Otherwise we are still subordinating ourselves to outside control as if we are children waiting helplessly for parents to solve it for us.

  11. Hi tap, chemtrails resumed today in East Yorkshire after 3 days brief respite. It was a beautiful, sunny day early on. Not a cloud in the sky! By early afternoon the ‘spray jets’ were out in force. By 5pm there was no blue left to be seen. Just the usual veil of garbage we are all forced to endure. I must add I was very sceptical about this whole situation to begin with. After conducting several of my own tests, the dire, sad truth hit me like a steam train. Thanks for the great blog anyway tap, and you’re right! …. we need to talk about this as much as possible, until the masses decide to open their eyes.

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