Once Upon A Time …….

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…there was a gentleman. In his childhood he’d been sexually abused. His neighbour, who later went on to become extremely wealthy, successful and even ‘famous’ to some degree, facilitated this abused. In fact, it could be said that she owed her success to being an enabler and procuring children for the influential people that actually abused the children, including the gentleman, her neighbour, who’s story I’m telling.
Later in life this gentleman, seeing the success of this woman and remembering the child sexual abuse that he had suffered and which she had enabled, decided to expose her for what she was.
Not knowing who to turn to he decided to approach a famous spin doctor/ media mover who regularly appeared on TV and appeared to be trustworthy, a real ‘man of the people’ (MOP) type.
He told his story to this MOP, pouring out his heart and recounting details which he’d have rather forgotten. The MOP listened with the kind of intensity only a man with an eye for an opportunity and a quick profit is instinctively gifted with.
Finally, once this gentleman had told his story the MOP asked, “How much do you want? And by the way, I get 10%”. The gentleman paused, “I’m not after money.” he replied, “I just want justice”. “Fool!” thought the MOP, “Everyone has their price”.
You see, like many MOPs everywhere he thought that everyone thought as he did, always looking at the bottom line, always asking himself what was in it for him. Anyone who didn’t think that way didn’t understand the real world, must be gullible, and a legitimate ‘mark’.
“Leave it with me” said the MOP, “I’ll sort this out for you.”
The MOP watched the gentleman walk out the door and as soon as he was out of sight, he was out of mind. He picked up the phone and talked to his PA. “Get me the number of XXXXXXX. I need to speak with her.”
After several diary checks a meeting was arranged. He liked to meet face to face, he liked people to see the practiced sincerity written all over his face.
“A gentleman has recently come to me and told me the most extraordinary story” he told the famous lady. “I must tell you, he sounds very credible.”
The famous lady was no fool, “How much do you want ?” she asked
“Well,” said the MOP, “These are very serious allegations…”
“Don’t screw around with me!” said the famous lady, “How much do you want ?”
A figure agreed they parted company, this was just business, unpleasant but they both knew the game and how it was played.
Within a week the gentleman received a high court injunction preventing him from telling his story to anyone else. Dressed in his best suit he attended the secret court, no journalists were in the press gallery, no members of the public in the jury box. The gentleman stood alone and he was told in no uncertain terms by the judge that if he repeated the allegations he would face prison.
Filled with incomprehensible outrage and a naive belief that law is the same thing as justice, the gentleman told the judge that he would not remain silent.
And so the judge had no alternative but to send him to jail. You can all see the judge had no alternative, right ?
On his admittance to prison he was given a discoloured prison outfit. He didn’t find out until much later that this was one way the prison staff identified inmates as ‘nonces’ to the other prisoners.
The famous lady was still worried that the gentleman hadn’t learnt to keep his mouth shut and she had connections. Another inmate who was member of a London mob was given instructions to make sure that he never spoke about what had happened to him as a child ever again.
However, this mob heavy made the mistake of listening to the gentleman. Like most people would he was appalled by the story he heard and instead of silencing him he ended up protecting the gentleman while he was in prison.
Obviously, this is all just fiction. It’s a work in progress. I don’t have the same writing skills as an acclaimed novelist.
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