Now come on Cameron. Stop covering up for them. They’re are not gays. They’re paedophiles.

Conservative Homosexual Group (CHE) Was Always A Front For Paedophilia.

CHE (Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality) was founded in 1975 by Professor Peter Campbell of Reading University, who was named as a visitor to the Elm Guest House. Exclusively on The Needle we now reveal the first ever official minutes of the founding meeting of CHE which clearly show that from its inception it was created as a pro-paedophile organisation and not an organisation which simply promoted gay equality.
This deception, that paedophiles are really just homosexuals continues today. Last year it was the Conservative Prime Minister who described the outing of child abusers as a ‘Gay witch hunt’.
The first image shown comes from the ‘Mary Moss Images’ and was transcribed by a team of people collaborating on the Icke ForumIt shows the network of child abuse. Circled are the prime movers, CHE, PIE, and Spartacus. 
This second image from the ‘Mary Moss Images’ shows a newsletter from CHE, which appears to implicate the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality in the promotion of the Elm Guest House and handwritten note above which talks of a ‘Dutch Adventure’ which could be construed as a reference, in the circumstances, of child sex tourism.
Now, for the exclusive. For the first time The Needle team are able to present to you the original minutes of the very first meeting of CHE. Which clearly shows that rather than being just an organisation which promoted homosexual equality, they were in fact agitating on behalf of paedophiles.
I ask you, how can David Cameron stand up and suggest that any allegation of child abuse against some senior Conservative friends is a ‘gay witch hunt’ when the original and official organisation for Conservative ‘Homosexuality’ in reality had a paedophile agenda ?
You decide.


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2 Responses to “Now come on Cameron. Stop covering up for them. They’re are not gays. They’re paedophiles.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Total bollocks there is no such thing as Conservative Homosexual Group, don’t take another bloggers work as gospel. There is great confusion over CGHE and CHE, a five minute reading would have told you this.

  2. Tapestry says:

    And I guess there was no such thing as the Paedophile Information Exchange either.

    Well there is such a thing as a homosexual witch hunt. Ask David Cameron. He seems to know.

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