NoDisinfo website says all casualties at Boston were actors, and no one died.

Osiris sends to The Tap –

TAP – either this material was deliberately distributed to confuse people, or there are brave people on the inside who want the truth to come out.

Boston Bombing— 26 April 2013
Boston Busted: It’s All Fake. No One Died.
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Boston Busted: It’s All Fake. No One Died.

In investigating the Strange Case of Kristyle Campbell this was discovered. That was through ignoring the shock value of the Liveleak feed and merely taking screenshots. What was discovered is a crucial revelation in solving this case.
Courtesy, Royan Rosche

The eyes aren’t lying. It is a TV producer, a production manager, on-site after the smoke bomb. There she is, entirely calm, holding her camera as she looks at one of the actors. Keep in mind that this is seconds after the concussive bomb, a mere pyrotechnic device aimed at creating the necessary distraction.
Here it is again, a fraction of a second later. It is not anyone’s imagination. Apparently, instructions were given, as she was looking directly at the man sitting on the pavement.
Now he’s on the move to do his act. Who is the producer looking over at, now?
It’s another actor, also on the ground. Everyone is wearing shorts, that is other than the producers. Is that so they can splash on artificial blood? Regardless, no one is bleeding yet. Carlos Arrendondo said that, right away, limbs were ripped off, not just one limb but dozens or more: at least 30 in his count. This proves that “Cowboy Arrendondo” is an obfuscator–a terminal liar. Regardless, see any of the Arrendondo-acclaimed severed limbs lying around anywhere? There aren’t any at least yet.
Nothing wrong with this man, as he presses himself up from the ground by his knuckles. Producer looking on. What is that other man doing? The bomb went off long ago. What’s he doing pressing those hands over his head?
Yet another DHS collaborator, was this man recycled from Sandy Hook, or is he new on the job? Back to the press-up man:
He really is working hard and fast to strip off whatever he is stripping. Must work quickly, so no one catches him in the act.
What he is doing is still unknown. He does, though, seem to be striping something off of his body, leaving himself with hardly more clothing than Tarzan’s loin cloth. It’s as if he had a kind of nylons on, which, perhaps, hid whatever was underneath them.
liveleakfeed90He’s definitely taking something off. Moreover, there appears to be a great deal of paraphenelia now being exposed. What is that dark-colored matter in his his back pocket? Could those be blood packets? It sure looks like it:
What is that device he is holding tightly in his hand? Is that a sharp instrument to burst open those packs?
He ultimately goes down, but not because of any injury: producer looking on. Did that fall cause the fake blood packets to explode?
More views: he is definitely stripping some outer wear from his body. Note how he is using his thumbs for leverage to strip off whatever it is.
liveleakfeed89 liveleakfeed5   liveleakdse
There seems to be a kind of flap involved. Regardless, what are these people doing there? A ‘bomb’ just went off. If this was real, they would be running away from the area, as did many of the by-standers who backed away in shock and even ran in fright from the scene. Not these individuals. They aren’t going anywhere unless being told by their handlers.
TV producers giving instructions; each handles different actors. All such persons have signed non-disclosures. No one is talking.
Here are all three of the female TV producers working the scene. On the ground is the actressplaying Kristyle Campell. No blood visible, which is impossible for the acclaimed nature of the injuries, which was the suffering of a double amputation. More on this later.
It’s all a mystery, that is unless you work in Hollywood.
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