More evidence they are making up news stories

Julia writes –

Housing of the Future…
Someone tells me of a TV programme which explains how we will live in 50 years time… In blocks of flats growing our own veg underneath. The flats will be so electronicised, that almost a blink of an eyelid will turn things on or off. The TV programme is the expert, and they have designed our future for us, already planned fifty years ahead. We have no choice, we just follow what we are told to do. The person I was talking to was readily accepting of the TV view as solid fact of the future ahead. Only this one possibility, a possibility made up by the TV. The programme is clearly manipulating people’s minds towards something, as if there is no choice. We have a new type of prison for you, an upgrade, this is what sort of prison you will live in in 50 years time, be grateful. Whoopee, can’t wait to move in. 

Modern and medieval towns…
I am increasingly noticing that modern towns are getting circled by ring roads or bypasses. The development goes right up to the outer road, then there is nothing on the outer side. I have new and old maps to prove it. The outer road is effectively like a wall, and the roundabouts on it provide the access points, the gates. The modern town is becoming like the medieval town, more and more prison like, the energy trapped inside. The energy of traffic circling the outer “wall” must have an effect too. As if to emphasise this, I often notice that Sainsbury’s or McDonalds are positioned on the modern day “gates”. 

The A4…
This seems like an interesting combination, since most of our paperwork is on A4. It also looks like AA which is the Queen’s postcode. The A4 road is known as The Great West Road. It starts in the City of London and runs through Fleet Street (Head temple of newspapers) and Oxford Street (Head temple of shopping) then Hyde Park Corner near the Palace. It takes in Silbury Hill at Avebury before going through Bath, (George St and Queens Square of course). Then onto Bristol and Sea Mills where it ends. It seems appropriate that the flashy Head Office of Sainsbury’s marks the start of the road in London. And maybe that’s why the CEO of Sainsburys chose to visit Bradford on Avon (BOA as it is snakingly known) near Bath for Red Nose Day. Maybe he travelled along the road which he is at the head of. Maybe he owns the road. 

Photo database…
More evidence that they are making up news stories by computer… A friend of mine had her photo in a national paper. The photo was with her daughter on an activity holiday, and the accompanying news story was not about them or the place where the photo was taken. And the photo was about 5 years old. They must have a database of photos which they randomly select from to get the right sort of story out. 

Two Tunnels project…
The new cycling tunnel is now open in Bath. The sign at the entrance tells me that lighting is in operation from 5am to 10pm. It’s over a mile long and it’s dark in there for 7 hours every night. What fun! There is already a document in place with lengthy procedures to follow just in case it is necessary to introduce gate control. The gates are already in place too. They just need an incident, and there they have it. A fully lockable one mile long tunnel, probably with access via “air shafts” to the newly reconstructed mines tunnels above. And all paid for by lottery money, poor people gambling in a desperate hope they will get rich. “Children love the thrill of tunnels” their website says. The gate operator will be funded by the council tax, and we will all support that in order to prevent a second incident. 

Time travel…
Music can take you back in time. So can news, like Thatchers death for example. We are sort of aware of that. I think the reason the US and UK have different date systems is to play around with our time subliminally, in a way we are not aware of. 9/11 drew our attention to the fact that 9/11 in the UK is 9th Nov, not 11th Sept. But on 9th November in the UK, many people are writing 9/11. It sort of takes you back to the 9/11 of 2001, or perhaps another 9/11. It also makes a big imprint of9/11 on the global mind, which includes those people in the U.S.  Not all dates have the power to do this. 4/4 is the same in both countries. And as there are only 12 months, it only works for the first 12 days of the month. 

Here and Now…
Time and Place often go hand in hand as two variables in our lives. Modern life seems to take our focus away from the Here and Now. It’s interesting that “era” and “area” are almost the same word. Does “e” mean time and “a” mean place? a and e go together as Adam and Eve, or even Accident and Emergency. They also are mirrors of the numbers 6 and 9, symbolically representing fusion (69) or fission (96). They are also spirals. I am not sure where I am going with this yet, but when it comes to harmonising with earth energy, right time and right place are important. 

Rothschild and IBM…
Rothschild financed IBM to supply machines to the Nazis to help identify, control, and exterminate Jews. And now IBM own Avon and Somerset Constabulary. We can see where that is going then.  

Eurasia Foundation…
It’s HQ is in Washington DC. This is something to do with creating Eurasia, but I am not sure what. It’s sponsors etc include Exxon Mobil, USAID, Norwegian Government, Coca Cola, Microsoft, etc etc, usual sort of list. Looks like ordinary folk’s taxes are propping it up too… “supported by the American people through USAID”. 

Billy Blood Drop Activity Book…
This is available online in the “Funzone” on the NHS blood donor website. They want kids to know it’s just a normal everyday thing we all do. Because its a normal everyday thing that people have serious accidents, war injuries, car crashes etc. Fun life ahead boys and girls. Giving blood is fun! 

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5 Responses to “More evidence they are making up news stories”

  1. Paul says:

    Ringroads are a good one to bring up actually. I have always likened them to killzones, areas around a fortification or strongpoint devoid of cover. But are they to stop people coming in, or going out.

    Also, anyone else noticed the hardening of central reservations, surely the metal absorbant barriers would be better for safety, but then again these concrete ones with zero gaps for miles do stop people turning round, makes keeping people in line easier……

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate to disagree with you but you’re wrong in part about the tunnel, you’ll be paying for it out of your Council Tax that’s true but everyone who wants to use the tunnel will have to pay a toll once it’s been privatised.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding housing of the future, this advert (which absolutely stinks of Common Purpose/Agenda 21) is worth watching to see what TPTB have in store for us:

    It’s all so loving and matter of fact, yet reading between the lines, it’s just about more control from big brother/the state.

  4. Road_Hog says:

    The living in blocks of flats is part of Agenda 21. We are all going to live in eco-towns (Google Youtube), which will be high density accommodation. Cars will be banned, they’re getting more and more expensive to run with all these ‘green’ taxes.

    You will walk to work. Basically you will become livestock, that walks to work, walks home, plugs into your reality show and repeats the process the following day.

    Car ownership will be banned (except for the elites) and you WILL live in your high density eco-town. Property ownership will be banned, except by the elites, who you will pay rent to (think of the Duke of Westminster). Again Agenda 21 is quite specific on property ownership, slightly more vague on car ownership, but it’s there if you read through the lines.

    People will be micro chipped and monitored 24/7, with thought crimes a reality, we’ve started with hate crimes, thought crimes will be next. You only have to look at our freedoms being stripped away and the oppression that is being put upon us. We even have micro chips in our bins to monitor have much rubbish we out out.

    I’m glad I’m 47, financially comfortable (pensions, but to let etc.) and will be able to retire by the time I’m 60 and have no dependants. I certainly wouldn’t want to be someone being born into this world these days.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Once the population has been culled to however many million (it’s even written in stone: The Georgia Guidestones) then people will be born to carry out a specific job… you will need permission from the government/state to have a child of course.

    You only need to look at North Korea for an example of this. There’s a lot of people there who can’t even speak and are just ‘educated’ (programmed) to carry out a specific task in society and at just barely livable wage too.

    These scenes were just embarrassing, yet so typical of how a tyrannical government can become so out of control and install so much fear on the populace:

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