Media. No audience. No show.

Yes a lot has happened in one year. I like to think I have also changed my own life a lot in that time too. To me there is no point in studying all of this if I can’t apply it somehow to the way I live. 
Most people are still very entrenched in their mind program, but I always notice that love and kindness is still present. 
Didn’t notice that about the police officer, wonder if he actually wanted to prosecute some big names? The media circus is getting worse by the day, but its essentially the same old patterns unfolding in front of us. I am paying less and less attention to media and politics as I think it is mostly just a distraction, a sideshow. Even if they arrest some high up people, they will just get replaced. The show will go on. It’s the show that needs to stop. And to stop the show, we need to stop watching it. No audience, no show. That’s my view anyway.  
More and more people seem to be getting insight into what’s going on, and a lot of the commenters on your blog seem younger these days. But it’s not just as simple as “waking up” is it? There is an endless journey ahead of learning, thinking, changing. The whole process has become an essential part of my daily life. 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jimmy Savile was the catalyst for what is going on in the higher levels of society. As much as what he has done is disgusting, it has awoken a lot of people and those people are starting to question how high this sick perversion goes.

    Let’s use the pyramid analogy. The capstone is the top level of society. Jimmy Savile was higher up than most people think. However, there were people higher up than him committing pedophilia and other evil acts.

    I was watching a David Icke video yesterday and he made a good point about the power structure of society. If you are at bottom level of the pyramid structure then you are not as helpless as you think: it only takes one person at the bottom level to stand up and bring the whole house of cards (the pyramid) crashing down. Truth is a very powerful force and that is what these ‘elites’/TPTB fear and that is why they try so desperately to dumb us down.

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