Top London Museum denies investigating the DNA of the annunaki

The golden headdress of an annunaki goddess

I just read the last book written by Zecharia Sitchin (July 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010),  published a few months before he died.

This was thirty years after he wrote The Twelfth Planet, his best-selling work in which first expounded his theory that Nibiru is the twelfth planet in our solar system.  Nibiru, he claimed, circles the sun once in every 3,600 years on a long elliptical orbit, stretching years out into space and back again.

Nibiru passes the sun going the opposite direction to all the other planets,  travelling clockwise.  The earth and all the others move anti-clockwise.  Half a billion years after the solar system came into being, one of Nibiru’s moons, Kingu, collided with a former planet in our solar system known as Tiamet.  Tiamet was split in half, sending water and rock spilling into space.  The one half of this material is what became today’s asteroid belt.

The other half is what eventually became our earth.  The collision transferred material between the two planets, and especially important, passed across DNA from Nibiru, where life already existed, to earth, from where life then was able to progress.  Nibiru generates its own heat and energy from within its core, and only had her summer period briefly every 3600 years as it passes the sun.

By the time a couple of billion more years had passed,  Nibiru had developed life forms far more advanced than anything here on earth.  The people who became known as the annunaki (Sumerian for those who came down from heaven, through space travel), became aware that earth was a planet which had gold reserves, a material they needed to repair their own damaged atmosphere.  The annunaki were belligerent and suffered continual rivalry for the kingship.  This rivalry led to wars being fought and climate-destroying weaponry being used.  Gold was urgently needed.


450,000 years ago the first party arrived at the top of the Persian Gulf landing in the sea, and came ashore in what is now Southern Iraq/Kuwait.  They settled and started to extract gold from sea water.  It was then found that there were large gold reserves in Southern Africa, and a party of annunaki were sent to live there and mine.  In modern times, it is well known that the best way to find gold is to look for old gold mine workings, many of which are estimated to be 100s of thousands of years old, but no one knows where they came from.

After 150,000 years, the workers in the mines rebelled and demanded an easier life.  The decision was made to develop a slave race through genetic engineering, making the Adam.u in the image of the annunaki but with a  much shorter lifespan, and with a lower IQ.  This was eventually achieved by mixing annunaki genes with those of the sasquatch or Big Foot.  The Adam.u was unable to breed initially, and each one had to be engineered by mixing DNA.

The Adam.u was later also taken back from the mines in Africa to the lands in the Middle East to act as serfs working on the land, at E.din, the farmlands of the annunaki.  As related in Genesis, the genes of the Adam.u were then altered to the point that the species could breed independently without each one being created by mixing genes in the lab.  Human kind was thus created about 300,000 years ago.


The Annunaki on earth, or Eridu as they called it, meaning home far away, were mostly male, and some started to take the females of their new creation as wives.  The result was the breeding of demi-gods also known as heroes.  The population grew.  By the end of the last ice age, 13,000 years ago, the original annunaki, still living, as their lifespans are long beyond our comprehension (although they are not immortal), decided that they had had enough of the raucous nature of mankind, and the decision was taken to wipe them out.

Zecharia Sitchin

The enormous ice sheet at Antartica was slowly melting and about to fall into the sea and make a vast tidal wave which would surge across the whole planet destroying everything.  The annunaki decided not to inform the humans and allow them all to perish, as they were unhappy with the mixing of their own genes with the human.  However one of their number Enki, decided to secretly tell a demigod (the name we use for him is Noah) of what was coming and got him to build what we call ‘the ark’, and take his family aboard and get ready.

Noah his wife, his three sons and their wives were the only humans known to have survived after The Deluge. All of us are descended from him and one of his sons and their wives.  The annunaki were circling the earth in a space vehicle during the great flood and were grief stricken at the loss of their creation, and yet they then found out that Noah had survived.  They decided to start again, and this time grant mankind civilisation.

Cities were built across Sumeria replacing the old ones that were destroyed by the flood, with new ones added.  The whole panoply of modern civilization arrived on earth en bloc.  Farm animals were created, and crops were engineered.  Then kiln-fired bricks and multi-storey buildings, law courts, architecture, music, libraries,  schools, writing, temples and so on were all created as if from nowhere.  Each city was the domain of one of the annunaki or gods.

Stone statue of the Goddess Inanna, dressed for space flight 

However, the rivalries which troubled the annunaki on Nibiru inevitably continued on earth, and there was only peace for so long.  Wars broke out as different gods jostled for supremacy.  Nuclear weapons were deployed destroying the spaceport at Sinai, and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (Abraham a demi-God was allowed to save his family there).  The ‘evil wind’ that followed the detonations moved eastwards and Sumeria was destroyed by the fall-out, with all living things poisoned by the radiation.

Aerial view of Sinai, still clearly showing the scar from the ancient nuclear explosion that destroyed the spaceport.   Many annunaki left the earth after these events, and ceded control to Marduk, who was known as Amen in Egypt.


The tombs at Ur, a key Sumerian city, were excavated in the last hundred years, exposing amazing artefacts, and golden regalia which was assumed to have been for the kings and queens.  Zecharia Sitchin points out that, in fact descendants of the annunaki were not only born on earth.  It seems very likely that some also died here.  He is quite sure from his analysis that what was considered to be royal graves by Sir Leonard Woolley in 1928 were in fact annunaki graves.

Woolley’s ‘Queen Shubad’ was in fact Nin.banda  or Nin.puabi, her nickname  – the word Nin in Sumerian denoting annunaki.  The way Sitchin analyses who she was in the book is fascinating and brilliant.

Sir Arthur Keith who analysed her body (which now resides at The Natural History Museum) wrote – ‘we only have to measure the frontal, parietal and occipital bones along the midline of the vault to realise how large the capacity of the skull must have been… The cranial capacity could not have been less than 1600 cubic cm. – 250 cm above the mean for European women.’


Before Zecharia Sitchin passed away only a year ago, he was continually writing to the Natural History Museum trying to find out if a DNA analysis had been carried out by the Museum.  He says, ‘In February 2009, I wrote about it to the Natural History Museum in London’.

Dr Margaret Clegg

A polite response signed by Dr Margaret Clegg, Head of the museum’s Human Remains Unit, confirmed that their holdings included ‘Nin Puabi, also listed as Queen Shubad, and King Mes-Kalam-dug.’  Adding that ‘No DNA analysis has ever been conducted on these remains.’

TAPI wonder how true that is.

She explained that ‘ the museum does not routinely (TAP – I like that word routinely.  It leaves open possibilities.) conduct DNA analysis on remains in the collection, and there are no plans to do so in the near future. (TAP near future does not exclude the longer future, or the past!).

This stance was reiterated by the Museum in 2010, wrote Sitchin.

TAP – Such denial seems a little suspicious, or at least it makes you wonder what are the circumstances that require such a comprehensive one.  You can be quite sure that someone will be trying very hard to acquire the genetic knowledge of how the annunaki’s DNA differed from that of the Adam.u, that is, us lot.

The elites will no doubt want to access the DNA to work out how to change their lifespan from three score years and ten into one of hundreds of thousands of years as soon as they can.  Make no mistake.  If they succeed, the in-fighting will be just as bad between modern versions of the annunaki as the originals.

The annunaki incidentally are still around, as is Nibiru.  Travel is possible between earth and Nibiru, although often the journey is made via Mars where heavier space vehicles can be launched with Mars’ lower gravitational pull.

We have yet to see the end of the annunaki story, although they made the decision to leave earth 3000 years ago, and stay out of the visible picture.   The history of their time on earth and their role in our creation has been brilliantly analysed by Zecharia Sitchin in his many books.

After reading The Earth Chronicles, you might proceed onto There were giants upon the earth, his last book, which races through all the detail in The Chronicles to focus the massive details of the annunaki story, and bring the subject forward into a discussion as to how it might apply to today.

We possess far more annunaki genes than the original Adam.u, through the interbreeding that took place after The Deluge (as well as before), although the genes are heavily watered down, and our lifespan is not much more than the original specification period of 70 years.

The DNA formula for the annunaki is, in all probability, sitting in The Natural History Museum in London, which would enable someone mad enough – who know’s? Kate Middleton’s new baby? – to be genetically treated to live for thousands of years.

One thing you know for certain, the crazies will definitely be ‘at it’.  The annunaki whether on Nibiru, or in their spacecraft, would still surely be keeping tabs on things here on earth.  Who knows what they must be making of it all.  We are after all, both their creation, and their descendants.


Sitchin Ancient Alien Work Is Illuminati Psy-Op Tied To Rothschild

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Oct. 14, 2012

What if I told you there is direct connection between Zechariah Sitchin and Lord Rothschild in the Illuminati ???
Would you believe me ???
I guess not, so here goes your evidence.
According to Sitchin’s biography on wiki Sitchin attended London’s School of Economics right along side George Soros.
Lord Rothschild is an instructor at the London School of Economics.
Sitchin worked in Israel as an editor before writing his first book “The 12th Planet”.
Sitchin came to America in 1952, the very same year .Soros started his Quantum Fund with $1M of Rothschild Capital. Soros came to America in the same year.
Coincidence ??? keep reading ;)
Sitchin’s first book “The 12th Planet” was published by Berkley Books which is a subsidiary of Penguin Publishing. Penguin Publishing is owned by Pearson PLC.
The stockholders of Pearson PLC are members of a quai-secret company called “The Economists Group”. Lord Rothschild is a member of this group and also has another secretive group within that group called “The Economists Intelligence Unit” or EIU.
So there is a direct connection between Sitchin and Rothschild. Rothschild co-financed Sitchin’s work through his publishing company and had contact with him at the London School of Economics. Therefore, it was Lord Rothschild who helped distribute the Ancient Alien Agenda.
Still not convinced ???
The History Channel’s Series of Ancient Aliens was funded by the Bristol Meyyers Squib Company. Guess who owns huge stock in Squib ???
Lord Rothschild !!!
Still not convinced ???
Sitchin is also a 33rd Deg Master Mason
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10 Responses to “Top London Museum denies investigating the DNA of the annunaki”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love that the poster of this fantastical story refers to “the crazies”… lol

  2. Tapestry says:

    So you read it then!

    The quantity of evidence that exists from Sumerian and Akkadian times is huge. If you want to challenge Sitchin’s interpretation of the evidence, go ahead.

    He has spent a lifetime working on the theory that what the sources say is true, and has stopped the traditional myth/primitive superstition interpretation.

    Why do you think all the evidence that exists is kept out of public view?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I found Alex Jones take on things about the origins of human evolution interesting:

  4. Tapestry says:

    I haven’t watched that yet, but I glimpsed at the video HETT sent yesterday or so, and it was clearly an annunaki spoof, trying to make the whole tale sound very unlikely – getting the gold story wrong, and the longevity factor wrong.

    If someone is going to the lengths of producing wrong information about the annunaki, that means they are worried enough about the information to bother with confusing people about it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    One of your readers tipped me off to read….if you are interested in this story, Wes Penre is risking his own life to get his thoughts out, and is a gripping read

  6. Chris Jones says:

    Even the smug poster boy of royal science Richard Dawkins has admitted that intelligent design is a possibility,making a complete mockery of his own argument against belief in an other or greater force or intelligence

  7. Chris Jones says:

    Allthough not sure about Sitchin himself,considering his background….

  8. Tapestry says:

    If Sitchin is a psyop, it’s a very interesting one. They always plant at least 50% truth to make the stories believable, and then hide the information they really don’t want you to get hold of. I got onto Sitchin from Lloyd Pye in Everything you know is false.

    He doesn’t seem like he’s going to follow Sitchin if he thought he was a psyop. That said we should always be on our guard. The fact that Sitchin’s stuff never makes the main media is an indication in its favour.

  9. Chris Jones says:

    I’d tend to go with the 50/50 or ‘truth is somewhere in the middle’ analysis as well. I guess I trust Lloyd pye a bit more because of his apparent lack of connections allthough much of what Sitchin says is throughly interesting and makes sense – civilisation suddenly seeming to appear from nowhere as one example. Gatekeeper perhaps..

  10. dan says:

    regards illuminati psy-ops, you could argue that due to the nature of things we are all connected to the illuminati on some level and we all support their agenda on some level but due to the nature of these things i doubt even members of reputation have a full understanding of the whole.
    Alternatively, the best way to discredit sitchin would be to link him to the illuminati.
    regardless, Sitchin was on to something like so many before and after. The truth is stranger than fiction.

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