London Marathon to ‘review’ security

HETT sends to The Tap –

Boston Marathon blasts: London Marathon to review security


 TAP – just to remind everyone to be afraid.

Christopher Everard

Thanks to lovely Jan, and some super-sleuths, we know that the BOSTON BOMB is slowly taking the form of the classic TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE “Emergency Drill” FBI-CIA Public Fear Factor tactic as written up in the government training manuals. Just like the London bombings and 911 there was some ‘Emergency Drill’ going on at the same time. Boring. Get some new ideas! BOSTON GLOBE confirm it. Move along. Nothing to see here folks. Same old record stuck in the same old groove.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What you have to remember with government is their rhetoric is double-speak.

    When they say for your security they mean for their security.

    Hitler/Stalin did the same thing making the public feel they were secure under their loving government… and history shows what happened when the people were fooled by the governments/dictatorships back then.

    They just like to give the illusion that they are ‘protecting’ Joe Public.

    I’m all for a government that is for the people… just sick and tired of successive governments which are having their strings pulled in the background by corporations/globalists/technocrats and other megalomaniacs.

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