kidnap footage of day old baby by the Police and ‘social’ workers

Dear Tap
I struggle to understand how human beings can behave in this way. Apes, yes, humans, definately not.
A one day old baby! WHO can look after this baby better than the woman who God created to pro create?
This has to stop in “Great” Britain. We cannot tolerate this any more.
God forgive the police officers and social workers, who are abusing the despicable, secret family courts to abuse power in this way, as they know not what they are doing, nor why they are doing it.
The only rights we have, are those we are prepared to fight for.
It is an extremely sad state of affairs.
Peace be with you all.
Vicky Haigh xxx

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2 Responses to “kidnap footage of day old baby by the Police and ‘social’ workers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The secret courts being reintroduced again are actually masonic ‘star chambers’. Think the inverted 5 point star of Baphomet with regards to layout of the premises. Evil [re]incarnate.

    They were mostly outlawed by that common sense thing called ‘Due Process’ (not that Due Process is perfect). Nut-jobs like Ken Clarke (who has no real job title, yet is still on the Bilderberg/globalist/bankster payroll) have pushed these secret courts back into the forefront.

    Think what you will:

    And ‘parliament’ is just another smokescreen/puppet show for the globalist/TPTB agenda:

    You have to wonder why Cameron (or any prime minister of whatever political persuasion) gets out of bed in the morning when the totally corrupt EU is already running the political show.

  2. Road_Hog says:


    It’s easy to understand why they do it. It’s all about control, do as we say (no matter how vehemently you disagree with it) or we’ll take your baby/child away.

    That threat is enough to make most people completely compliant.

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