Jim Stone – my website stopped a war

Osiris sends to The Tap –

This web site may have stopped a false flag nuclear attack

I was told in no uncertain terms that after the Fukushima report, the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Chinese military, Russian military intelligence and others were watching this web site closely, because the Fuku report was documented accurate and the various intelligence agencies then took my NSA background seriously and have continued to hit this site for info that is hard to find elsewhere. Well,

I don’t take Fulford as 100 percent accurate but his last release made me think, and does contain some hard truth, which follows:
” Japanese TV stations had cancelled their regular TV programming for what was supposed to be a special announcement at 9 PM on the 13th. Several Japanese government offices also sent out false reports on that day that North Korea had launched a missile. However, nothing happened and the official North Korean news agency website was taken off the internet for a while when it became clear the North Koreans were no longer following the Zionist script.

Obama’s messengers had given North Korea $3 billion to stage provocations but the North Koreans stopped cooperating when they found out that Israeli nuclear submarines were planning to stage nuclear terror attacks to blame on them, according to Japanese military intelligence.”
If you read farther down this page, I clearly showed how North Korea was bribed with 3 billion to put on a show, and as a result they were setting themselves up to be the fall guys in an Israeli false flag nuclear attack, where the Israelis would use either their submarines or a Magna BSP OWL. What made the North Koreans stop going along with this script? I won’t ever know for sure, but I would like to think it was this web site, and believe it probably was.
At any rate, despite the censorship making it seem otherwise in the MSM, it really looks like the elite are grasping at straws now, hoping for one of them to be the winner. My guess? the Boston bombing will backfire, they are all over the map poking and prodding for a way to benefit their agenda with this, and for all I can see it really looks like THIS TIME, they totally screwed the pooch.

If Fulford is right, and all the deaths in the elite aristocracy are targeted killings, and the pope really is running around asking questions about the legitimacy behind all their crap, we just may see that fortunate day when those the zionists worship within their hierarchy are dragged through the streets and LYNCHED. A hollow point would be good enough. At any rate, they are cornered now and losing options. North Korea’s failure to swallow the bait well enough to get it’s intestines ripped out was probably a critical setback, and evil people will do horrible things when cornered. Who knows what that will be, but I would not expect the zionist cabal, which has hundreds of their own nukes and thousands of America’s nukes usurped to go out quietly. The financial and metals market rigging just is not going to be enough to satisfy their arrogance on its own.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found this link on Jim stone’s blog.

    It’s all about the OPPT One People’s Public Trust – those Occult New Age freaks who are claiming back the planet Earth and all assets from the evil ones on our behalf!

    How thoughtful. But…do I really have sign a blood oath?

    Well worth look…



  2. Anonymous says:

    Jim, bearing in mind that you worked for the NSA, can you explain why if you type the word ‘illuminati’ backwards, followed by .com into your browser it will take you directly to the NSA website?

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