I used to work for ONK SHIT – Office of National Coodinator for (supposed) Health IT

Here’s someone who really knows what they’re up to.

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I was working on this project to implement a nationwide electronic healthcare exchange, 

but I was recently let go from my job about vocalizing my opinions on the intentioned 
outcome of the project. It’s funny, because this article makes the whole process sound 
very dark, mysterious and sexy, but in reality, the majority of the work is done downtown 
Washington, DC in a highrise government building on floor 6 of the Office of National 
Coordinator for Health IT, called ONC-HIT (or as I say ONK SHIT). 
In reality, this whole 
project is being run by a bunch of government wonks and people who truly do think they 
are doing something beneficial for mankind. But, in reality, this very small minded people, 
especially the ones I worked with, have no idea that the standards and programs that we 
were creating will one day be used to enslave us all. 
Your article does not mention some of the programs we were working on before I was
 fired for voicing my opinion on the unethicality of the project. Particularly, there is a project 
within this project that will track whether you are a pedophile (even if you were never convicted)
 or even worse, if you simply went streaking in college, that will be marked as a sex-crime 
and put into your overall record. 
Your doctor will also know whether you are straight or gay 
or neither. And they will know your DNA structure eventually. 
Sorry to tell you guys, the 
worst part, is that many of my colleagues were such blind sheep, that they really thought 
they were gracing humanity with their work. Their stupidity and ignorance hid the real 
truth from them. I am glad that I was let go from a system that will destroy many 
lives in the future.

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to me
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Vaccination squads to roam the streets“:

By the way, that address to the government building where all of this is being created is :

425 3rd St. SW, Washington DC, Floor 6, take a left off the elevator and it will be the large 

glass door at the end of the hallway. Wait for someone to go in because you have to be 
badged in.

Anyone with a problem with this project is encouraged to visit and voice your opinion. You 

will find the top government officials on this project in this office.

Not telling anyone to do anything, but we need to start vocalizing at some point. If we never 

speak up, we deserve what we take. That’s a fact.
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