How long will winter last?

Writing about chemtrails in 2012, many of us came to the conclusion that a very cold winter would be the result of blocking the sun with aerosol clouds.

We were nearly right.

What’s being done is to prolong the winter.  Any gaps in the clouds are soon filled with aerosol, stopping the sun’s warmth from breaking through to ground level.  A month of the growing season has already been lost, along with 30% of crops like rapeseed, according to BBC’s Countryfile  much of which sprouted and then died in the cold.

Animals like sheep on the higher ground are dying out in the fields.  Many others have aborted unable to complete their pregnancies.  Nationally a very significant amount of food output has been lost.

Farmers, who would normally put their herds out to grass by now, are having to buy in feed, with little of quality available at a reasonable price.   Their stock numbers are being reduced, and plans being made to prepare for another long winter next year.

The depopulation agenda would require nothing less.  Less and more expensive food.

It is noticeable that while the northern parts of the globe are suffering a prolonged winter, many hotter parts are suffering extremes of heat.  They’re messing with aerosol clouds, blocking the sun in northern countries.  What else are they are up to?

Is HAARP redirecting the jet stream trapping heat nearer to the equator?

The weather forecast tonight talks of a return of cold weather next weekend with snow on high ground all over again.  It’s nearly May.  How long will this winter go on for?  Will summer be cancelled completely?

Keep Looking Up sends –

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Heavy chemtrailing resumed over Tayside.

After a relatively quiet day yesterday I’ve just been outside and see that the chemtrailing has returned with a vengeance.  I was hoping to enjoy a beautiful day today but it looks like the sky is to be used as a dumping ground for barium and aluminium and whatever else is in the chemtrails.
I only saw one chemtrailer yesterday ……..

4 engined airliner…not seen on planefinder website.

… the sky was actually quite blue and I had a fantastic day on the golf course.
However I’ve just taken a few pictures of the sky this morning and I think it’s going to be a long day of spraying……..

Criss cross time again…taken at 8am local time

Sun rising and already struggling to peek through the chemical haze

I’ll take pictures throughout the day and see how things develop……….

Things developed as anticipated. I was over in Fife visiting a friend and took these photos en route ..

Tay Road Bridge ( Fife side)…sun hidden behind chemical cocktail.

Sun struggling to be seen in the evening…..should have been a lovely night to sit in the garden
Nearly May and the woodlands near St Andrews are still like mid winter due to a lack of sunlight.

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7 Responses to “How long will winter last?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, These observations are true, are the Elite bothered.
    The Elite will have been buying and selling derivatives on the stock exchange.
    Fair comment, you might say, everyone is entitled to have a gamble.
    Only it’s not a fair gamble if they know when the Chemtrailing is being carried out, and others do not.
    They cannot loose, we loose by having to pay more for fuel and heating.

  2. wasp says:

    YEP! & I Don’t Want To Keep HAARP-ing On About It, But A “Blind Man” With Boxing Gloves On Would Detect That THE GLOBAL WARMING – CLIMATE CHANGE IS THE BIGGEST RIP OFF OF ALL TIME, The Scam Is ONLY KEPT GOING BY HAARP, & Fiddled Scientific Results, Supporting “CARGO CULT SCIENCE”

    Some Of The “BRAIN DEAD”, In Main Media, Are Beginning To “SMELL A RAT”, But I Have as Yet Not Come Across Any Articles Written About HAARP In Main Media, Though.


  3. I was walking in the woods near St Andrews in Fife today and it’s like mid winter. Loads of spraying over Tayside / Fife this weekend.
    Took some pics…

  4. Toad Hall says:

    Limited supply always leads to increase in price.

    This would suggest the wealth (non elite) have more chance of survival?

  5. hi tap..thanks for sharing my photos.
    It’s low cloud over Tayside today and whenever a gap appears in the clouds you can see the results of ongoing chemtrailing..sigh.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Clear as a bell at 7am, 30 Chemtrails later over Doncaster, nearly covered in cloud at 9pm on St Georges Day, 23 April.
    Have also noticed they are tracking the Sun.
    Instead of being over to the South, because the Sun is in a different place, they are following in a NW direction.
    It is true what you say Tap, we will all need vitamin D, becaus they are shutting off the Sunlight.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Depleted Vitamin D, poor food input, spreading radioactivity from Fukushima and there can only be a big increase in illnesses including Cancers and many others. Anyone would think there was a depopulation agenda in process.

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