Rothschilds happy for Thatcher to pick up the blame

Hi Tap, I must at this juncture give a bit more information relating to Maggie T.  I stated in the last post  Sent, I was not an ardent fan of Thatcher, or do I wish to participate in the Adulation of her, many are participating in. Some also appear to think we all are only too willing to to touch our FOLOCKS, in TRIBUTE to her,  lead by CAMERON, who is wasting yet more Tax Payers Money, £10,000,000, to give her a State Funeral  she didn’t want in any case. By the same Premise, however, I do not subscribe, to those who wish to be lead by a 4 year old kid to Denigrate her, as many will have no idea of why they are taking part, &  probably hadn’t even been born when she was Prime Minister, bringing The Country To It’s Knees. 

Peter Hitchens of The Mail, who I don’t always agree with goes even into more detail, & calls her aTragic Failure, for very good reasons. It has always been my opinion that Vladiimir Putin, has broken away from the Globalists, & has become his own man, so he is one of the few World Leaders in my opinion that has any Credability, in putting his Country first. I have stated this on many previous occasions. Hitchens makes a point of mentioning this also.
She ruined lives in pursuit of a poisonous right-wing ideology.
She destroyed communities to unleash ­destructive wild west Thatchernomics.
She deindustrialised the country, the Big Bang in the City of London unleashing greed which erupted into the 2008 banking collapse.
So I shall be honest instead of conforming to establishment pressure to praise not appraise.
Because the cult of Thatcher created a Maggie myth.
She divided not united, destroying rather than rebuilding. Yuppies and City spivs grew rich as inequality exploded.
Those who refused to bend the knee were ruthlessly crushed.
Finance was the future, smokestack industries dismissed as the past.
Shipbuilding, steel and coal were sacrificed on the altar of Thatcherism.
The 1984-85 pit strike for jobs ended in victory for her. And a terrible defeat for villages and towns now plagued by despair, joblessness and drugs.
Flogging the public services means we pay through the nose to French and German firms for gas and electricity.
Then there were the riots, leaking school roofs and rundown hospitals.
Selling council houses at knock-down prices doesn’t look so clever when one-third are owned by private landlords charging higher rents.
It’s a Maggie myth too that she won the Cold War. Mikhail Gorbachev deserves that credit.
Tories can declare as often as they like their heroine was Britain’s greatest peacetime Premier.
That accolade surely goes to Clement Attlee who rebuilt Britain after the Second World War, creating the NHS that Thatcher’s heirs seek to dismantle.
All political careers end in failure and her Poll Tax madness, believing a dustman should pay the same rate as a duke, saw her ejected in tears.
Thatcher supported Fascist dictator Pinochet. She labelled ANC leader Nelson Mandela a terrorist whilst refusing to put sanctions on the South African apartheid regime.
Thatcher’s brand of “Laissez Faire” economics where market forces are allowed to run riot, puts the state as a willing partner in crushing anyone who stands in the way of private profit. There is no thought to long term investment or the social cost, all of which lives on in Britain today.
However, she will be most remembered for her famous battle with the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM).
It was a purely ideological struggle which even in capitalist terms made no economic sense, destroying Britain’s industrial base forever and laying waste to communities up and down the country.
Ravenscraig and Clydebridge steelworks. The latter was then the most efficient plant in the world with progressive union relations. At its peak it provided employment for 3,000 people and supported many smaller businesses.
Ian MacGregor, the Scottish-born US hatchet man Thatcher had parachuted in to chair British Steel in 1980. He would visit to order further “improvements” and redundancies. But Clyde­bridge didn’t need lectures on time-keeping and efficiency from a man who would turn up half an hour late to trade union meetings just to make sure everyone knew who was in charge.
Month after month MacGregor would find a new reason to close the plant and month after month the workers came back with reasons to keep it running. The relentlessness of the onslaught wore them down. Job losses in the steel industry were colossal. There were 13,500 at Ravenscraig alone.
British Steel had invested £3 billion during the 1970s and accounting practices were making it look unprofitable. But Ravenscraig made a £19 million profit the year it was closed and even Scottish Tories begged for its reprieve.
British Steel made the most technologically advanced steel in the worldEngineers came from Germany, Japan and South Korea to find out how the British made steel. We were world leaders in the efficient production of high-quality, high-tensile steels. BMW and Rolls-Royce made representations to the government to maintain British Steel, but it made no difference. The lady was not for turning.
The announcement of 20 pit closures in March 1984 was a deliberate provocation of Britain’s most militant and well organised trade union. Billions of pounds of taxpayers money and the proceeds from North Sea oil were squandered to beef up state and security forces to crush the miners strike and achieve the pit closures. How could they compete against POLISH State SUBSIDISED COAL?
I have taken references from many sources which I will List when I send the next Part in, as I haven’t had time to set up Intrinsic Integrated Links which  I normally do.

TAP – Britain was going to the dogs.  Tax was 98% on income.  Even Corporation Tax was 50%.  No one could build anything.  We were being crushed by a kleptocracy that wanted an end to private wealth and private enterprise.  She changed that around, gave us a generation of hope and most people were grateful.  The victims were of major events which were orchestrated around her by the powerful.  For example the closure of Ravenscraig.   The Rothschilds ruled.  Thatcher slowed them down for a while, but they won the game.   It’s very convenient for the Rothschilds that Maggie picks up all the blame.

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  1. John Pilger’s account of her support for Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge is still online. From the report…

    ” Incredibly, the Thatcher government had continued to support the defunct Pol Pot regime in the United Nations and even sent the SAS to train his exiled troops in camps in Thailand and Malaysia. Last March, the former SAS soldier Chris Ryan, now a best-selling author, lamented in a newspaper interview “when John Pilger, the foreign correspondent, discovered we were training the Khmer Rouge in the Far East [we] were sent home and I had to return the £10,000 we’d been given for food and accommodation.”

    Online report….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Families like the Rothschilds control just about everything in the world today. They don’t need money anymore, and then after you’ve made your money it becomes about control and power… controlling the general populace in a nutshell.

    The Rothschilds are regular attendees at the annual Bilderberg meetings and in the past they’ve said the people below them are ‘cockroaches’. Charming, and arrogant at the same time.

    At the end of the day Thatcher was just another political puppet, but she knew the system… and she tried her best to stand up to it. I’m no fan of any political party, but can see how she tried to stand up to the system… and how she stood up to her critics too.

  3. Oops…forgot to thank you for highlighting my pics / blog the other day Tap.
    So thank you !
    Had over a 100 hits in total since I started…..not exactly The Daily Mail or your own fine blog. But ok I think 😉
    Although most hits were probably from me 🙂

  4. Tapestry says:

    You write well, keep looking up!

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