Get electrical gadgets out of your bedroom

INSOMNIA: How to get major relief in 43 hours—without sleeping pills, herbs or vitamins.

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It sounds bizarre, it defies logic, and many will never believe it, but ‘electronic pollution’ in your bedroom can screw-up your sleep – and make life HELL!

Want a great night’s sleep like you never had in years? Gut your bedroom of all electronic devices and high currents, – and you’ll be stunned how well you sleep.
The solution to insomnia may be easier than you ever imagined. If you are tired of miserable sleeps, tired of lying awake most nights, and tired of waking up ‘half dead’, irritable and depressed in the morning – read these true stories.

“Because of electronic stress, the bedroom is often the most dangerous place in the home.”  — Wolfgang Maes, German researcher. Expert in electro-magnetic stress.

Case #1. A journalist in Germany did nor have a good night’s sleep in almost seven years. The best medications, herbs and vitamins were almost useless. Twenty doctors could not help him. Finally, a scientist advised that he remove all the ‘electronic garbage’ from his bedroom – the electric radio, T.V, stereo, answering machine, electric clocks and a thick power cord directly under his bed. He was sceptical, but did it anyway. Only 24 hours after doing this, he got such a good night’s sleep, he cried for joy when he woke-up.

Case #2: A family in South Carolina moved into a new home. For over ten years, no one could sleep well. They were up all hours of the night. Just two days after the electronic pollution was eliminated from the bedroom, the wife said, “This is the first time I can ever remember sleeping through the night.”

Case #5: A dentist in Germany was living on sleeping pills for more than ten years. At most, he could only sleep five hours a night. Then he took everything electric out of his bedroom. That very first night, after ten years of rotten sleep, he slept 14 hours straight, till 9:30 – and he didn’t even hear the hand-wound alarm dock!
These stories may seem hard to believe. But let’s face it.  As far as medical answers for sleeping problems, there ‘ain’t much out there.’

There are from 20 to 70 million chronic insomniacs in this country, and perhaps millions more who rarely get a good night’s sleep. Maybe you are one of them.

It is not only the nights these people suffer from, it’
s the days as well. After a turbulent night of tossing and turning, plus frequent nightmares, sweating, muscle cramps, and gritting of teeth, these people often drag through the day with exhaustion, sometimes barely being able to work at even half their efficiency.

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6 Responses to “Get electrical gadgets out of your bedroom”

  1. Anonymous says:

    If you can’t sleep, try turning around 180 degrees in the bed, sleep ‘upside down’ in your bed..!

    Try it and see…

    And maybe remove all electronic devices from your bedroom, as well !

  2. Anonymous says:

    You don’t have to remove anything just switch them off at the plug.

  3. Woodsy42 says:

    Traditional advice has been to arrange your bedroom so that you sleep with your head to the south or east, never to the north or west. I understand this is because of the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field. I would expect the orientation would also affect the electrical fields in the room generated by equipment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Switch the wireless internet router off at night. A lot of people have wireless broadband now which is marketed as a ‘convenience’… it’s more like a hindrance. Most people go to bed and leave the internet router on and feel like s**t in the morning due to not having a good night’s sleep (and I don’t mean a baby crying through the night either).

    America is being plagued with ‘smart meters’ (another wireless technology). This will be rolled out to other countries and must be stopped.

    Other than limiting the wireless aspect, and the pollution that’s given off, Feng Shui does have it’s merits.

  5. Julia says:

    This post is another good example of how we are destroying ourselves. We are doing it to ourselves. It is not THEY that are doing it. Who put the electronic gadgets in your bedroom? The Illuminati, or YOU?

    The good news is that means the power to change is within OURSELVES. We can change our own lives, we don’t need to keep waiting for the government to do it for us, orto keep pleading with them, or put a cross in a box on a bit of paper every 5 years in hope. We can just get on with it now. The real effects come from making changes in your own life.

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