Forecasting fixes the future

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The Untouchables…
When you have nothing to lose, you are untouchable. If you are right at the bottom, if you have no possessions, no attachments, no fear, no one can scare you. They can’t get you. Is this the real reason why the lowest caste in India are called the Untouchables?  Maybe they are the most spiritually high. 

Book at Bedtime…
Reading a book at bedtime is something we are encouraged to do from an early age. The words program your mind and can set off trains of thought and dreams in your subconscious sleep world. How often does the book you are reading influence your sleep? Maybe we could improve our sleep time by choosing our bedtime programming more carefully.

Schools and Prisons…
Even the language is starting to sound similar! A friend said that his son was going on “day release” during his apprenticeship. Er isn’t that what prisoners do? Go on day release. Someone else told me how his student son had an “internship” organised for the summer holidays. Er, prisoners are interns, aren’t they? 

Casting spells…
Spelling is one way of casting a spell on our minds.  (See You can cast your mind back. You can be cast as an actor in a play. Casting fixes you to someone else’s script, or mould, like a plaster cast. Forecasting fixes the future. (See

Looks like it’s not just drugs that are Big Pharma. The Farm controllers have adopted the same name. FARMA is the largest of its type in the world, so that means FARMA is big. It’s a “cooperative” organisation governing farm shops, farmers markets, home delivery, on farm catering and entertainment, entertainment now being an essential part of farming. It’s an umbrella organisation to scoop everyone up, so that all activity and transaction gets funnelled through it. Certificates and awards are part of the structure. And the little guy will probably feel obliged to join (paying a subscription no doubt) in order to keep up. Those that don’t join will get squeezed out. Why do we think we need these central control organisations? Don’t be fooled by the word “cooperative” (See

Jesus and Bladud…
A Bible story describes how Jesus exorcised a man of demons. He cast (that word again!) the demons into a large herd of pigs which rushed over the edge of a hillside and were drowned. As part of the purification ceremony before ancient intitiation rites, initiates bathed with young pigs which were then literally chased to their death, acting out the Bible story for real. This reminds me of the modern day Order of The Bath, which is headed by Prince Charles. It also reminds me of the City of Bath and it’s initiation story. Bladud, the banished King, and his pigs were “cured” by bathing in the hot springs of Bath. Bladud then founded (or initiated, perhaps) Bath. The themes of bath, pigs, cleansing or purification or curing, and initiation are bound up together. The same story keeps repeating like a wallpaper pattern. 

More on daffodils…

Now I am tuned into daffodils as a sort of yellow Star of David (see earlier Rambles), I am spotting them in other places. The Roman Catholic Church of St John the Evangelist in Bath (the tallest in Bath, taller than the Abbey) has a huge window on its South side, elaborately stone carved into a curvy six pointed star, exactly like a daffodil shape ! Even the centre has a frilly effect like the trumpet centre of the daffodil. The Church is next to the river, in the old “Ham” district of Bath, of which there is no longer any trace, and “Ham” always brings me back to pigs and curing. 

Now open longer…
I went past a shop and thought I saw “No longer open”. I looked again and it actually read “Now open longer”. The meaning is almost the opposite, but sounds and looks almost the same. By adding a “w” and moving one word along. No wonder we need so much training in the Queen’s English to decipher it all correctly as we are meant to. Only one interpretation allowed, the one dictated by the Queen. That’s the problem with words, we have to have some sort of central agency which dictates the universal version, so that we can all transmit and receive correctly. 

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    Hi Tap, Very Interesting Stuff From Julie, & Gordon The Other Day, mean while here is somthing else to think about “BLACKWATER” & Other Revelations:- Proof That Craft or Blackwater Agents Did The Boston Marathon Bombing


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